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Inklingo Quiz


Happy Victoria Day weekend! Tomorrow is the holiday, and it marks the unofficial start of summer here in Canada.

We love this time of year. There are thousands of lily of the valley (muguets des bois) on the slope beside the house going down to the woods. The scent is heavenly!  

To celebrate a wonderful long weekend, Monkey and I have prepared the first Inklingo Quiz. We  hope you like it—including the photos of the old ladies! (Count your blessings.)

Linda & Monkey

3 Responses to “Inklingo Quiz”

  1. Cathie in UT says:

    Very informative quiz and I fell for the “trick” question about easy to download the program and the more fabric questions! LOL
    Thanks for the fun

  2. Have to watch those trick questions, other than that I did quite well…

  3. Linda B says:

    Loved the Quiz. Got three wrong. Guess I did not know Inklingo as well as I thought 🙂

    Hugs Linda B in UK

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