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North by Northwest

Last night I took a little bus trip down memory lane.

Do you remember North by Northwest with Cary Grant?

Alfred Hitchcock, 1959. A classic. I have the 50th anniversary edition DVD.


Inklingo Patchwork of the Crosses POTC

I “watched” it while I was sewing another paisley POTC block last night.

Everything I see and do seems to have a connection to quilting and Inklingo.


North By Northwest - Inklingo Paducah

It says “Paducah or bust.” (Click for a larger view.)

I am sensitive to bus scenes even when they are not as famous as this one. An old friend of mine used to take a bus to Paducah every year on a tour arranged by the guild. She always had a fabulous time.

When Mary and I met, it was the first time I had ever heard the word Paducah. Really? There’s a place called Pa-du-cah?

Mary had a huge influence on me when I started quilting. That was a long time ago!


In Time of Friendship

My first bed quilt won a First Place ribbon in Paducah in 2000.

Hard to believe it has been 14 years!


When Harry Met Sally

I hand pieced a Dear Jane ™ because that is what Mary was doing.

And then. . . hand piecing was what prompted me to invent Inklingo.

(Inklingo is even better for machine piecing and appliqué. Funny how things work out, isn’t it?)

Monkey and I have been creating “quilting memes” like these for the Inklingo Facebook page.

You can get in on the fun.

Inklingo on Facebook

If you have a FB account, you can post your own photos (POTC? DWR? GFG?) or share mine on your timeline.

I hope you are lucky enough to have a strong friendship with a quilter and can take a little trip down memory lane too—by bus, by train or by crop-dusting plane. This movie has it all.

By the way, Paducah is South by Southwest from here.


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Inklingo POTC shapes ready to sew

More paisley POTC blocks to come. And possibly more “memes” too. Keep an eye on FB, okay?

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