Complaint from Inklingo Quilter

Yesterday I received a letter of complaint about Inklingo. Minus 2 stars.

I considered ignoring it or trying to keep it a secret just for Monkey, me, and Russ.

However, I think it is something everyone should be aware of, so I am publishing it now, with illustrations, with permission of Anonymous.

Dear Ms. Franz,

I have problems with the review function on your website

The reviews only go up to five stars. That is not nearly enough.

According to my scientific calculations, we should be able to go up to 35 stars.

I have checked your website, and I was only able to find five-out-of-five star reviews.

It is no wonder everybody awards the maximum number of stars.

(BTW, do you have any idea how boring it is to read a seemingly endless row of five star reviews?)

Below you will find my review, for Inklingo as a technique/method in general. Almost everything applies to any single collection of Inklingo Shapes.

Yours Truly,

A Ridiculously Spoiled and Very Critical Customer

Inklingo Review

One Star for Ease
One Star for Very Efficient and Economic Use of Fabric
One Star for Cutting Down Preparation Time
One Star for Eliminating Miscalculations, and Cutting and Sewing Mistakes
One Star for Shapes Fitting Perfectly Together

One Star for Ultra Thin Cutting Lines
One Star for Clear Sewing Lines
One Star for Precise Matching Marks
One Star for Marking the Back of Fabric ‘Semi Permanently’ (No Fading or Smudging Over Time)
One Star for Being Invisible from the Front of the Fabric

One Star for Utilizing Only Common Household Items (No Special Purchases Necessary)
One Star for Versatility and Flexibility of Use (Any Technique, Any Pattern, Any Brand Inkjet Printer, Any Regular Quilting Fabric, etc.)
One Star for Utilizing (Ordinary Inkjet) Wash Away Ink Colors
One Star for Offering a Choice of 20 Ink Colors
One Star for Innovation (A Patent!)

One Star for Various Layouts of Shapes (for Rotary Cutting, for Scissors, for Directional Fabrics, and Combo Layouts Combining Different Shapes on One Sheet)
One Star for Overviews of Handy Custom Sizes to Print
One Star for Overviews of the Numbers of Shapes from Yardage
One Star for Immediate Availability (Downloading)
One Star for Saving Space (Less Rulers, Templates, Patterns and Books)

One Star for Bringing Previously Very Complicated Patterns Within Reach of Machine Piecers
One Star for Being Great for Beginners
One Star for Providing a Great Alternative for English Paper Piecing
One Star for Making Actually Finishing Quilts More Attainable
One Star for Being Perfect for Group Projects (Everyone’s Blocks Finish the Same Size!)

One Star for Cheat Sheets
One Star for Worksheets
One Star for Great Design Ideas (Including Free Design Books)
One Star for Easy Navigating Large PDF’s with Bookmarks
One Star for Great Value

One Star for Excellent Customer Service and Support (And it is all just Linda!)
One Star for Excellent Video Tutorials
One Star for All the Additional Information and Tips on, the All About Inklingo Blog, and the Inklingo Yahoo Group
One Star for Pictures of Monkey
One Star for the Great Guy in Shipping

Now, I have to be fair and critical, there is also reason for deducting a couple of Stars:

Minus One Star for Being Highly Addictive
Minus One Star for Ruining Quilters for All Other Preparation Methods

Total: 33 Stars!

Thank you, Anonymous.

We will keep our chins up and strive to improve in the future.

More to come. . .

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Let the fun begin!

Linda & Monkey

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