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Inklingo Download Instructions

The method has been the same since 2008. It is as simple and friendly as possible.

  1. Log in to your account.

  2. Download and save each PDF on your hard drive (not anywhere else). 

    (There is also an illustrated version of the Download Instructions if you need help downloading from your account.) 

  3. Open with Adobe Reader (not your browser or a different PDF viewer).

That's it! 


Inklingo Download Instructions

Inklingo Download Instructions Video (no audio).

Only 84 seconds!
I kept it short & sweet, so you can watch the whole thing first.
That is probably all you need but, if necessary, you can watch a second time and pause at each step.
All the details are in the written instructions (below), just in case, and I'm available too. 


Inklingo is intended to be fun, so please don't wait until you are frustrated if you need to contact me. There is always a simple answer, and I am happy to help.

Since copy protection is required, this is the most user friendly method available. It works as long as you open with Adobe Reader. 

If you don't have Adobe Reader, you can get it free from https://get.adobe.com/reader/

BONUS TIP If there is an offer for extras like free anti-virus, you can skip that part.


 When you have saved the PDF on your hard drive:

1. Open Adobe Reader. (Start > All Programs > Adobe Reader or click on the desktop icon.)

2. In Adobe Reader go to Edit > Preferences > JavaScript 
Confirm that JavaScript is Checked and Global Security is NOT Checked and click OK.
(On a Mac, Preferences are not under Edit. Click on Adobe Reader, top left.)


Javascript setting

3. In Adobe Reader, File > Open and navigate to the folder where you saved the PDF.

4. Click Open.

5. Enter your email address and password.
Both are case sensitive, so the upper and lower case letters must match whatever you typed when you created your account. 

6. Click Log In.

7. Allow access to protectedpdf.com, when you are asked.
If you have blocked protectedpdf by mistake, you can manually add it as a trusted site. To do that, in Adobe Reader go to Edit > Preferences > Trust Manager> Change Settings > Type protectedpdf.com > Allow and Click OK.

Then you can go to File > Open and try again.  

200 DAYS?

8. UNLOCKED! You're set for 200 days offline!
There will be a pop-up message when the file has been unlocked. The cover page is still there, but you can scroll past it to see everything.

Play with View and Bookmarks and have a look around. There is a 3 minute Guided Tour video explaining how these big PDFs are organized.

Once you have opened the PDF, you should not have to enter your email address and password again for 200 days.  

If it has been longer than 200 days, you will be asked to enter your email address and password. Nothing expires. You don't have to keep track.

This step was added so you will be alerted if there is a newer version of a PDF. If there is a newer version, you can log into to your account on the website and download it free. (Whenever you download from your account, you get the newest version.)

By the way, you can force another 200 days any time. To do that, un-check the box at the bottom of the sign-in page (to open automatically next time) and close Adobe Reader. When you open again, you will be prompted to enter your email address and password and then you will be set for another 200 days "offline" (when you are not connected to the Internet). 



I always answer as quickly as possible and I am happy to help. 

The ONLY common problem is trying to open with something that is not Adobe Reader, so almost all "tech support" requests are solved with one email. 


If nothing happens when you click to log in or if you get a message that the file is damaged or if you see a place to enter the Doc ID, it means it is not opening with Adobe Reader. It is not necessary to download again, although you can if you want to. There is no limit on the number of times you can download, just the number of computers. (EULA)

Some PDFs will open with a different PDF viewer like the ones on some Windows and Mac computers or with a browser like Safari, Internet Explorer or Firefox or Chrome but Inklingo requires Adobe Reader.  Other programs don't recognize the copy protection, so they say the file is damaged even when the PDF is good. 

USING A MAC? There are thousands of quilters using Inklingo on Macs with no issues. However, your operating system may try to open PDFs with Mac Preview instead of Adobe Reader, even though you have Adobe Reader on the computer. That will NOT work. It is necessary to choose to open the PDF with Adobe Reader or you will not be able to use Inklingo. 

If you just click on the file name, another program may try to open even though you have Adobe Reader on the computer. It is important to open Adobe Reader first and go to File > Open, as described above.


If you need help, please give me as much detail as you can.
For example:

  • Windows or a Mac computer? 
    Inklingo will not open on a mobile device like a phone or tablet/iPad. System Requirements
  • Which version of Adobe Reader? (In the Help menu.)
  • What happens when you try to open?
  • Any error message?
  • Were there any steps in the download instructions that you were not able to complete?


There is also an illustrated version of these Download Instructions.


Introduction to Inklingo

Introduction to Inklingo
This short video explains how Inklingo works.



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