Linda Franz

Thank you for visiting the All About Inklingo blog. 

I am a quilter, teacher, publisher, and inventor of Inklingo,  living in Ontario Canada.  Monkey is my sidekick.  He is a hand piecing snob, but I enjoy hand piecing, machine piecing, and appliqué.

Please visit my web site at  to start inklingoing today.  Don’t miss the free demo video, shape collection, patterns, and articles under Support.

Bio and contact info are on the web site.

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  1. I am a relatively new quilter, although have been using EQ7 for about a year. Am thrilled to have been introduced to your site via this year’s EQ Xmas countdown. Look forward to following you.

  2. Merry Christmas to all and to the lucky winner of the fabric. I have been following Linda for a long time and have some of her cd s but now I want to try her hexis out in the new year. Happy sewing to all.

  3. Merry Christmas!
    hope you have a great holiday and thank you for the free gift. I love those fabrics in lovely Christmas colors.

  4. I sure hope I am doing this correct because this is the only place I saw to comment to on the blog page and I so want to win the $50. Gift certificate!! So I can get started properly. I have loved seeing the creations of the fellow fabric artist and so miss it. Thank you again for adding me.
    Patricia Ballas

  5. Hi…this is my first visit to Inklingo, but I’m sure it won’t be the last. I am eager to try the mystery quilt and have Nov 27 marked on the calendar!! I love mystery quilts!

  6. Just wondering if you will have a booth at the Houston International Quilt Festival next week? I would love to see this in person!!

  7. Hi
    Thank you for allowing me to join this group. Your site is amazing, you are an inspiration to quilters. I live in U.K and teach patchwork/quilting to beginners and love it, would this technique work on a printer for A3 size paper

  8. Hi there – absolutely thrilled to find your web site ! So inspirational – I can’t wait to get started on a new project using your ideas and techniques. I’ve just found Patchwork of the Crosses – amazing work -sorting through my stash with angled mirrors looking at hexagon piecing your way – you are one special lady!

  9. I have heard some wonderful things about Inklingo from my friends Sandy Green & Deanna Ahern. I am looking forwards to trying it out on some 1/2″ Hexie’s. But first I need a new inkjet printer, we only have a laser!! I am planning to start POTC ~ when you give a size, ie 1.5, 1″ ~ which side are you measuring?

    • Hi Margaret, Hexagons are traditionally named by the length of a side–FINISHED–and that is how Inklingo names them too. POTC hexagons are the same length on all 6 sides. You can see all of the sizes available on the Main Lucy Boston page and you can click from there to see illustrations of each size. If you have any other questions, please ask. I always answer as quickly as possible.

  10. Hi, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us. As for me I am happy w your page. I am from Chile and love Quilting.
    And since now one of your student.
    Hope to hear from you soon!

  11. Linda. Bonnie Hunter just posted a new leader/ender pattern today. It is a rectangle with square corners. Could you comment how we could use an Inklingo shape to complete this shape?

    Many thanks.

  12. I just found Pinterest a few weeks ago and found The Clamshell Pickle quilt, and of course Inklingo and Linda Franz. My interest is peeked to say the least. I’ve been quilting 35 years, everything from piecing to applique, paper piecing to hand sewing. This is so exciting but, I don’t understand all the abbreviations and where can I purchase your products. Is there a book out there? I probably wont sleep tonight. This is so exciting.

  13. Just received the book, The Patchwork of Lucy Boston. Thanks for shipping so quickly.
    I have a quilt shop and we are starting a Patchwork of the Crosses club in 2014. We are having a great time picking out fabric to fussy cut. It really makes us think about the designs in a new way.

  14. Hi Patricia,
    I am glad you are printing and ready to sew!
    There are so many ways to set stars it is hard to decide on one! You can see how I am going to set my LeMoyne Stars on the blog.
    If you are using 60 degree diamonds, you can use 60 degree diamonds or 60 degree hexagons between the stars to set them together. You can add diamonds around the stars and then use any hexagon setting.
    You can also add hexagons around the stars. This is another neat setting.
    There are several other articles and the blog is searchable. You can also subscribe to receive an email, so you don’t miss anything good.
    There are also setting ideas in the Inklingo Pinterest albums, like this one.
    If you have any other questions, please ask.
    Linda & Monkey

  15. Although I have in my possession a lot of Inklingo products, I have yet to do anything with them. But I just bought Book 3 patterns because I was really interested in the kaleidoscope stars. My very favorite ugly fabric has a very dark back so I couldn’t find an acceptable color to show the printing, so decided on another fabric in my stash. It is not as busy as the ugly fabric but will do for my first attempt. I did find it tricky to cut identical fabric pieces for the freezer paper, but I’m sure that all gets better with practice. I cut the shapes out last night because I have a weekend getaway with some friends and wanted a hand piecing project. I hope I will like the process. So my question is, unless I missed something in my readings or lack thereof, what do I do with all the stars if I am happy with them?
    Thank you for reading my long post

  16. Just wanted to say that I am now into EPP and cannot get enough of them. I love purchasing the fabric, “fussy” cutting the shapes and putting is all together. Thank you for your designs and inspiration.

  17. Holy cow! What a great site and idea. I just found you on Pinterest and I can’t stop reading.. I need ink for my printer or I would be trying you out now. Thanks for all of it.

  18. WOW!!! what beautiful quilts and ideas you have on your site.
    Very interested to get any news from Inklingo. Thanks a lot for sharing your ideas.


  19. I am a friend of Barb Clark’s and she has spoken so highly of this method! The stars have gotten my interest. So I may be comi g back to Dear Jane club to work on some!

  20. Hi Linda,
    I came across your site last night and I am so excited to try this out but I have a question about freezer paper. Does it need to be the white paper or could a person use brown freezer paper? I live in a small community that seems to only have the brown freezer paper.

    Thanks for your help.


  21. Hi Linda,
    Several years ago I hand pieced and hand quilted a Grandmother’s Flower Garden lap quilt. I had used a hexagon rubber stamp to mark the fabric (it had cutting and piecing lines). Since then I have not done any other hand piecing, although I enjoyed it. I have downloaded the free Inklingo shapes, but have not yet tried to print them. I would like to tackle a DWR quilt. I just need to jump in and try the printing!

  22. Hi Linda,
    Great technique. I came across your site and can hardly wait to start an hexagon quilt. I still have to explore a little more and find out if you ship books and other items overseas (I live in Rome, Italy).
    I wish you a great summer.
    Happy quilting,
    Maria Elena
    P.S. I learned english while living in Ottawa a long long time ago.

  23. I’ve been EPP for a while now and then found Bonnie Hunters website and saw how hooked she is. I’m an avid pinner on Pinterest and started pinning Hexies. Being greedy

  24. Was reading Bonnie Hunter on fb and she had on her info to check out inklingo and here I am. Love to learn new things with quilting, never too old to learn. Thanks

  25. hello,
    This is unique computer printer supported method to learn about…
    I was linked over from Pats Pattering blog…. Pat Hunter, was found via my Dear jane Group and Sylvia’s Bridal Quilt (Jennifer Chiveranini author) SBS_BOW group with Linda…….
    Inklingo… I think if it is really wash-out ink …. with my HP ink, I will like it over the other english paper piecing technique. (Which I’mwell on he way with…I’m a retired senior, life long sewer, but new (in the last year) to join the quilting crowd… Honestly I’m doing more complex small block (4 1/2″ and 6 1/2″ multiple pieces) piecing; than, the ending quilting step……. I must remedy that….so much ‘stash’ truly time to sleep under a few quilts. On the couch and the beds. . . . besides the wallspaces to fill…. So doing these loved geometric shaped pieces in running stitches or even by machine…instead of the 100’s of pieces i’ve done of te tumbling blocks EPP, by hand technique …. WOW! you have got me interested …. I do subscribe to TQPM and saw your ad there, too. Now to struggle again with the steps to make a sample and print out the free offer… thanks, the sun finally is here in the north… also time to do garden and yard clean up as well …. need the sun (Vit D). But, hate to have less learning and sewing time…. especially when aching bones say louder than claendar that time is shortening to use up the fabric and yarn stash…. before forced to move to smaller quarters….

  26. Hi Linda,
    I wanted to order QD2, but alas, you are sold out. Many sad faces! Encouraging words on your website say you are considering a reprint. Oh, I do hope you consider this in a most positive light. I do hope, I do hope!! A most valued resource this must be, as the very few available copies have a very, very premium price tag on them.
    Linda, I travel all the time. Hand piecing is my only way to make a quilt and you have made this so very doable. Thank you for all your hard work.

  27. Hi Linda,

    I am a former DJ list member who found your website today.

    I have a guid member, Beverly Beesley who loves your products, and is also a hand piecer.

    I look forward to perusing your website and blog more thoroughly and using your products.

    Thanks for all ou have done for quilting, and say “Hi” to monkey for me

  28. Thank you for the website. I look forward to learning more about what I can do using your methods with Inklingo. Bev

  29. Hi Lois,
    Thank you very much for writing! I am very pleased that you found Inklingo so you can finish that special flower garden started by your mother. What an amazing quilt it will be. You can do this!
    Linda & Monkey

  30. Hi Linda,

    I was thrilled to stumble upon your website while searching the web specifically for info and instructions. My mother hand pieced all the blocks for a flower garden quilt for my daughter during her last few months before suddenly passing away in 1989. I am very inexperienced at quilting, although I sewed for many years. At long last, maybe this will finally give me the courage to set these blocks and complete my daughter’s long-awaited quilt.

  31. Hi Linda,
    I am very excited about your site. I just came across it while searching for templates. I really really really would love to make a Jane Austin quilt….just amazing.
    Keep up the great work
    Donna from Australia

  32. Linda,

    You and Monkey are absolutely the best! I have always loved hand piecing.Inklingo makes it even better.

    thanks a million,

  33. Hi Linda,

    you are doing such a good job!!! I bought years ago 2 of your books (Quilted Diamonds 1 + 2 incl. CD)……and I love them!

    Now I found your homepage…

    All the best – merry christmas and a happy new year from Germany


  34. So excited to learn of this from Bonnie Hunter’s blog. Thank you for allowing me to gain experience through you. I have been quilting for 4 years, love all aspects of it, embroidery (Machine), applique, piecing, etc. Looking forward to learning your technique.

  35. Thanks for letting me join you in your quilting fun. I live in Iowa and have been working on Bonnie Hunter’s Easy Street, my first mystery with her, and she suggested browsing your site, so I did, and find I like it!!! I am retired, been quilting for only about 21 years, but sewing for over 60 years. Looking forward to lots of interesting things on your site.
    Quilty hugs,
    Ele in very cold Iowa

  36. Linda,

    I came across your site while looking for something new to do a Double Wedding Ring quilt – I have been reading non-stop every since. (needless to say some housework didn’t get done Saturday!). I planned out my first quilt and purchased the fabric this weekend and can’t wait to get at the quilt. Thank you for the extras with my order – I’m totally fascinated with this whole technique and can’t wait to get my quilt done. Cheryl, Lodi WI

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