BEST Templates for POTC – Unlimited!

How to draw POTC hexagon

If you don`t have the POTC book, draw the hexagon on freezer paper.

For the original size, x = 1 inch but x can be any size you choose.

  1. Draw a square.
  2. Add two lines to the square, as shown.
  3. Add another square.
  4. Finished template!

How easy is that!

Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses

If you have the POTC book (above), start by tracing the hexagon (page 31) on freezer paper.

Free POTC templates

Staple the hexagon to 4 or 5 layers of FP and cut. (Use scissors if you prefer.)

Free POTC templates

Staple each of those new hexagons to 5 layers of FP and rotary cut. Repeat until you have as many hexagons as you want.


Freezer paper templates for POTC

Freezer paper templates are BETTER than other paper templates because they stick to the fabric temporarily while you cut several layers. (Press with a hot, dry iron.) There is detailed info about freezer paper in the Top 10 Tutes and in other articles on the blog.

If you have an acrylic ruler, you can use the freezer paper templates to rotary cut the fabric, adding seam allowance in your chosen width.

How to make your own tempaltes

Any freezer paper template becomes an acrylic template when you add a ruler.

FP + acrylic ruler works better than acrylic templates that have the seam allowance built in. Try it. You`ll love it!

See Why I don`t sell acrylic templates.

Print on fabric

Of course, I prefer printing the shapes on fabric with Inklingo. (choice of 4 sizes) but when templates are appropriate, freezer paper templates are the BEST.

Introduction to Inklingo

Now is a great time to learn about printing on fabric with the free Diamond Triangle Square shape collection on the Main Beginner’s Page too.

Videos Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses

There are also three videos about POTC on the website.

Lucy Boston on Facebook

I hope you will join us in the Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses Facebook Group and share photos of your blocks!

Quilted Diamonds on Facebook

There is also a group for quilters making Quilted Diamonds. Austen-tatious Quilted Diamonds.

Stay home. Print and sew!

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