Jeannette’s Kaleidoscope Stars Quilt

Look at what Jeannette did with one fabric and Inklingo diamonds!

Jeannette wrote:

I used the 2″ 60 degree diamond and half diamond and drew up the rectangular outside pieces myself. It measures app. 18″ across. I handpieced it. I’m looking for another piece of fabric to make another one.

I was so impressed with her quilt that I asked her for photos of the fabric she used and close-ups of the stars.

Luckily she was willing, and she had some of the fabric left!

Jeannette said:

When I went looking for the fabric there wasn’t a lot to choose from but I thought this was very pretty. The background fabric is the same tonings as the coffee table I wanted to put it on and it makes the stars stand out even more. I didn’t put one in the centre because I always have some flowers there. 

I love the close-up photos of Jeannette’s Kaleidoscope Stars!







Aren’t they gorgeous?

Just in case you missed it, there is more about Kaleidoscope Diamonds (aka “one block wonder” or “stack n whack” styles) on the blog:

There are more of my stars on the Inklingo Facebook page too.

Jeannette has helped me before. She is the Inklingoist who inspired the School House Shape Collection for her granddaughter Maddy. In turn, it inspired other grandmothers to sew with their granddaughters and grandsons!

You can also see Jeannettes Pie and Tarts quilt on Tilde’s Inklingo Projects blog. She fussy cut the shapes for that too. It is absolutely lovely.

Thank you, Jeannette. You are an inspiration to me in Canada—all the way from Australia. I wonder what you will do next!

If you leave a comment for Jeannette, I will make sure she gets it, okay? She is also in the Inklingo Yahoo Group.

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