Inklingo on QuiltingHub – How to Print on Fabric Without Jams


The QuiltingHub website is a great new resource for quilters.

How to Print on Fabric Without Jams

There is a new Inklingo article on QuilitingHub about printing on fabric—without jams!

Quilters are naturally concerned about putting fabric into a printer. They don’t want to waste fabric or break the printer.

If you prepare the sheets well and learn what your printer likes, jams are rare, printing is fun, and the benefits are awesome.

Printing the cutting and stitching lines on fabric with Inklingo can change your quilting life. It sets you free.

See it in action!


Bonnie Hunter's Celtic Solstice Mystery

Are you inklingoing Bonnie Hunter’s fabulous Celtic Solstice Mystery with us?

Just thinking about it?

The article on QuiltingHub might push you over the edge.


What do you mean you printed on fabric?

Woody: “What do you mean you printed on fabric? What are you? Nuts?”

We love mysteries at our house but how to print on fabric without jams isn’t one of them.

(Actually, that dialog may have been “What do you mean you broke into his apartment? What are you? Nuts?” I’ll check.)

Don’t you just love Diane Keaton? She is fearless.

She broke in and found the evidence. Surely, you can print on fabric.

By the way, there are other articles about Inklingo on QuiltingHub too.


The benefits of QuiltingHub for quilters are described in the video.

For quilters, it is FREE to register at QuiltingHub. All that is required is your name, email, and a password.

When you register, YOU can like, fan & rate your favorite brands, shops, and designers and suggest more!

Inklingo is proud to be listed as a brand on QuiltingHub.


Inklingo on Quilting Hub

That link takes you directly to the Inklingo page. There is also a Quick Link on QuiltingHub for Brands, so you can search “by name” for Inklingo.

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This is a good time to visit. Take a decaf sweetened with chocolate milk (love it!) and maybe a piece of toast with your favorite jam.


Print on fabric without jams!

Everyone has a favorite jam.


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Linda & Monkey

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