How to Rotary Cut Inklingo Curves

How to Rotary Cut Curves


Are you making the Inklingo mystery quilt, the Case of the Secret Garden? Have you printed the shapes on fabric for COTSG yet?

Monkey and have prepared a new video with our best tips for rotary cutting.

We printed the lines darker than we normally would so they would be clear on camera.

You will see even better if you view it full screen on YouTube. (No Sherlock Holmes magnifying glass required.)

How to Rotary Cut Curves

YOUTUBE:  How to Rotary Cut Inklingo Curves

We crammed all of our best tips into about 6 minutes. If we had had more time to edit, we might have been able to make it even shorter.


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Please tell your friends about the COTSG mystery. The more the merrier, okay?

Linda & Monkey

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