Silent Garden Coming Soon!

Silent Garden with Inklingo

I am very excited to announce that I will introduce Silent Garden shape collections with a LIVE video next week!


Willyne Hammerstein's Silent Garden

Silent Garden has been whispering to me.

It’s not so silent after all.

Inklingo Stars Fussy Cut

I started this wall hanging many years ago. I love the fussy cut stars (Inklingo No Waste Fussy Cutting) and have been disappointed with the blended look.

Not enough contrast!

It’s been waiting for years for inspiration to grow.

Silent Garden Quilt

Willyne Hammerstein planted the seed of a new idea with her Silent Garden. I can give my fussy cut stars room to shine!

New Inklingo Silent Garden Shape Collections

After Christmas, there will be two new shape collections for Silent Garden, so you can follow the instructions in her gorgeous Millefiori Quilts 3 book.

Ripping stars for Silent Garden

Last night I had a wonderful time ripping . . .

Silent Garden quilt shapes to print

. . . printing . . .

Sewing with a running stitch

. . . and sewing.

Snowy scene at Inklingo

In the meantime, this is our snowy Silent Garden.

Russ and I are having a very quiet Christmas, so I have lots of time to sew this weekend. This is great timing for a new project.

Silent Garden Stars with Inklingo

I sewed two stars last night and I’ll sew more today, some by hand and some by machine.

Introduction to Inklingo

If you haven’t started printing and sewing with Inklingo yet, and you want to be ready for Silent Garden, this VIDEO explains how it works.

Sewing Silent Garden

I’ll be sharing photos on the Inklingo Facebook page.

If you missed them, the first two live videos are available now too.

I hope it is a very happy holiday for you and your family, especially the children.

See you next week!

Linda & Monkey


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