Encore Presentation of the First LIVE Inklingo Video

Live Video - Print on fabric

Thank you to everyone who watched the first Inklingo LIVE video!

Other than the sound breaking up at times (for some), it went more smoothly than I expected and I think you could sense my excitement!

I did not expect it but Facebook made the video available for replay soon after we finished it. Very cool. (We’re learning as we go along.) If you tuned in late or had to leave early, you can still see it all, here or on the Inklingo Facebook Page..

The sound will be muted until to click the little speaker icon in the bottom right corner.

For a few minutes near the end, I was talking about one thing and showing another, but I figured out how to edit it, so it is easier to understand how to navigate in the PDFs. It is also a few minutes shorter and available on YouTube.

Please share the video with your friends.

Special thanks to Raylene, for emailing me a photo of her Passacaglia quilt top (above). It caused a sensation! Of course, in my excitement, I mispronounced Passacaglia AGAIN but I think you know what I meant. It is the brilliant design by Willyne Hammerstein in the first Millefiori Quilts book.


Inklingo demonstration LIVE

I was amazed that all of the equipment worked (except the printing delay) and absolutely thrilled that so many of you tuned in on such short notice. It has been viewed more than 7,300 times already.


Inklingo quilters around the world



Your comments made it fun for me. When I skimmed through them, I found notes from quilters in New Zealand (missing above?), France, Belgium, England, Scotland, Portugal, South Africa, Argentina, Australia (including a few from Tasmania), Brazil, Spain, Denmark, . . . and Canada and the US, of course.

Isn’t it fabulous that we can be connected this way!!

I cannot tell where everyone was but quilters left comments in at least 33 different US states. In no particular order, AR, NJ, KY, IN, HI, OK, IL, WI, ID, KS, CO, FL, NC, MO, WV, AK, MI, IA, GA, TX, NM, MN, ME, PA, OH, CT, CA, AZ, UT, MD, and I probably missed some. Almost ALL Canadian provinces were represented too.

Where were you?



I got good feedback on the freezer paper tips near the end and despite an unexpected computer failure this morning, I was able to create a new two-minute clip, so you can get a taste of what it was like live and get two cool tips, if you are too busy printing and sewing to watch the whole thing yet. (If you are as behind as I am, the Christmas lights aren’t up yet.)

By the way, I could have mentioned that if you let the FP cool on the ironing board for a moment, the curl comes out even better.


Inklingo Print Dialog Box

I have done some trouble-shooting with my computer guru, Charles, and we think we know why the print dialog box froze for such a long time, and if we are right, it will be fine next time.


When we realized there were more than 200 comments, Monkey decided we needed two prizes, so we have two prize winners!

  • Barbara Bishop
  • Sharon Kay Payne

Please contact me by email, so I can send you each a $20 Gift Certificate to use for anything at Inklingo.com.

I thought I would be able to number the comments in Facebook and use Random.com to pick a number but it didn’t work. A friend suggested that since the video lasted 60 minutes—exactly, amazing—I could use Random.com to pick a number between 1 and 60 and the winner would be the comment or email that came in at that time. Cool solution. It picked two winners from the Facebook comments. (There were fewer than 400 emails. LOL)


As promised, here are links to some of the pages I mentioned in the video:

I meant to show you 1 inch squares in the Index of Shapes and I showed you 1 inch hexagons instead. Can you find the SIX shape collections with 1 inch squares on your own?


Linda Franz Live video

I was impressed that Donna and Cynthia noticed the chocolates sitting on top of the printer but I was extremely disappointed that no one pointed out that I wore an outfit that looked like the Canadian flag (white in the center with two red bars), despite mentioning Canada several times. Monkey says, why do I even bother, eh?

Nevertheless, I am very grateful for your enthusiasm and support. Thanks to your suggestions, we have several ideas for future LIVE videos. I am looking forward to doing this again, as soon as we get some extra RAM and new USB controllers for the computer tower.

Thank you for visiting here and thank you for watching LIVE!

I hope it was Time Well Spent, so you will want to come again next time and bring a friend.

Linda & Monkey


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