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Cathi of Quilt Obsession told me about a quilter in Holland who started a Clamshell Club on her blog, Cybele’s Patch. Quilters are making Clamshell quilts with different methods, and reporting their progress at the end of every month.

Some of the Clamshell Club quilters are using English Paper Piecing, some are using appliqué, but some are using Inklingo to print the shapes on fabric with an ordinary Inkjet printer. Inklingoists cut on the lines with a rotary cutter or scissors and hand piece with a running stitch, or machine piece.

Cathi posted about her progress today. She has started TWO Clamshell quilts, one in each Inklingo size.

It doesn’t sound like much, but there is a big difference between 3.0 inch Clamshells and 3.5 inch Clamshells!

Inklingo is the fastest, easiest, most precise way to prepare Clamshell shapes.

  (Click for a larger view)

Print several Clamshells at a time. . ..

  (Click for a larger view)

 . . or print one at a time, for a charm quilt.

You can even fussy cut with Inklingo.  (Previous blog entry:  Go to Search at the top of this page to gather all of the messages about “clamshell” or “fussy cut” on one page.”  Handy, eh?)

The Clamshell shape collections include tips for stitching curves by hand or by machine. Click on the page for a larger view, which you can print.

If you haven’t tried Inklingo yet, you can print your first shapes in the next few minutes with the free Inklingo Shape Collection. It includes diamonds, triangles, and squares for LeMoyne Star, flying geese, Sawtooth Squares, Hourglass Squares, etc. The Quick Start Guide is a good place to start.

MONKEY REMINDS YOU! The introductory price on the 3.5 inch Clamshells ends at midnight on July 1.  ($12 instead of $15)

We’ll be back next month with more Clamshell news. (Maybe partial Clamshell shapes and Clamshell sashing?) In the meantime, I hope you are as happy as clams at high tide!

Linda & Monkey

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