Sitting Pretty with Inklingo Clamshells

What a wonderful surprise! The Fussy Catter sent Monkey a new chair this week! (Thank you, thank you!)

Monkey looks very happy. (Because he is.)

He relaxed for a while. (I was busy preparing new video lessons.)

But Monkey gets restless when I am too busy to play. (Inklingo keeps me hopping.)

The cushion is adorable, but Monkey could not sit still on it. (The “I love Cats” cushion was made specially for him.)

We needed something to do together. Okay! We had an idea. Since the 3.0 inch Clamshell was introduced last month, some quilters requested a 3.5 inch Clamshell. More quilters wanted a bigger size than wanted the partial Clamshell shapes, which surprised us. Monkey was not going to stop jumping around until we did it.

Now Monkey can relax. (Whew! The Inklingo 3.5 inch Clamshell is ready whenever you are.)

Are you restless for something new? Maybe you need to relax with some Clamshell shapes. There is a wonderful hand piecing tutorial on Cathi’s blog.

Of course, with the lines printed on the fabric, you can stitch Clamshells by machine, if you prefer. Hand or Machine? It’s your choice.

Now I need to finish preparing for the video shoot. Monkey is ready, but I have a lot of work to do. (Like losing 5 pounds in a hurry?)

Wish me luck.

Linda & Monkey

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