Inklingo Winding Ways in Electric Quilt

Winding Ways Quilt vaariation

We are celebrating the new hardcover Winding Ways book with a new EQ PJ7—a project file for Electric Quilt 7 (or newer).

Winding Ways EQ7 Project File to download.

Inklingo with Electric Quilt

In my new hardcover Winding Ways book, there is info about using Electric Quilt with Inklingo shapes.

Print on fabric with Inklingo

You do NOT need Electric Quilt software to use Inklingo.

The Inklingo shape collections have the shapes to print on fabric. Electric Quilt is a design tool, not for printing on fabric.

Inklingo Winding Ways Deluxe

The EQ7 project file includes variations with all of the shapes in the basic and deluxe shape collections, so if you do have Electric Quilt you can use the project file to design your own unique variation and print the shapes on fabric with Inklingo.

Inklingo Winding Ways in Electric Quilt

Electric Quilt makes designing quilts faster and easier than coloring one of the Inklingo quilt worksheets by hand.

Winding Ways Quilt with Inklingo Deluxe shapes

This quilt layout uses the Inklingo Deluxe shapes.

Winding Ways Quilt with Inklingo Deluxe shapes

With just a few clicks, I can get a completely different look!


The two newest shape collection are still at a low intro price for a few more days.

The Winding Ways 12 inch shape collection. Only $20.

There is also a Deluxe version. Only $35.

  • Everything in the basic version is included in the Deluxe version, so you only need one.
  • The instructions in the old Winding Ways Design Book are also included in both shape collections, so you do not need it too.

The low intro price on the 12 inch shape collections ends soon. Even at full price, it is wonderful value.

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Winding Ways by Linda Franz

All of the orders for the new book placed up until last night have been mailed.

Russ is working hard to keep up—even during hockey games!


The reviews on the website help me and help other quilters.

Winding Ways 12 inch   Winding Ways Deluxe 12 inch


Winding Ways 12 inch
Winding Ways 12 inch Deluxe

Main Winding Ways Page

Winding Ways EQ7 Project File to download.

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