NEW Inklingo Joseph’s Coat

Joseph's Coat 8 inch ring

The size is new. The design goes back to the olden days.


In 2011, I published the first Joseph’s Coat Inklingo shape collection. Over the years, I have started shape collections for more sizes—but never finished. It is very easy to be distracted when quilters request other designs.

Joseph's Coat Caroline in Belgium

Recently I took an inventory of the dozens of semi-finished shape collections for different designs on the computer and realized that a 4 inch Joseph’s Coat was close to finished, and by serendipity, an old friend shared a photo of a gorgeous scrappy antique Joseph’s Coat on Facebook (above). It is scrappy and happy.

templates for Joseph's Coat

This beautiful design is unusual, so when I learned that Caroline’s quilt used 4 inch shapes, plus I recently posted a video about hand piecing curves, it seemed to be meant to be. I had to finish this one NOW.

Inklingo print on charms

Joseph’s Coat is perfect perfect for Inklingo and a great way to use up scraps. With the new size, you can print 3 melons or 1 of the background shape on a 5 x 5 charm. (I cut the freezer paper 5.25 x 5.25.)

Joseph’s “Coat of Many Colors” in the Bible is made of many fabrics, like Caroline’s, but it also works with just two fabrics.

In the Bible, Joseph’s Coat caused envy. You won’t have to envy Caroline or anyone else if you make this quilt for yourself with Inklingo,

Sew Joseph's Coat by machine

With the cutting and stitching lines printed on the fabric, these gentle curves can easily be sewn by machine.

Sew Joseph's Coat by hand

The curves are so gentle that it is not even necessary to clip the seam allowances, and they are pure joy by hand.

I usually sew some seams by hand and some by machine, depending on where I am and my mood.

Applique Joseph's Coat

I know that some quilters would rather appliqué this design, so I included two layouts for back-basting plus layouts to print to make freezer paper templates.

Joseph's Coat 4 inch templates   Joseph's Coat 6 inch templates

Whichever size you choose, it is easier than it is with traditional methods when you print with Inklingo. See Why I don’t sell acrylic templates or scrubbing boards.

Joseph's Coat 12 inch ring

The first Inklingo Joseph’s Coat shape collection makes 12 inch blocks, so the melons can be printed on Jelly Rolls and small scraps too, but not on 5 x 5 inch charms.

Both shape collections include instructions, like tips for selecting fabric, sewing tips, pressing technique (a little surprise here), yardage info, worksheets and design ideas.

As usual, there is a special LOW price for the first few days only. Don’t miss out! Only $20.

Joseph's Coat quilt row

I love this design. I hope you enjoy sewing these lovely curves as much as I do.

Linda & Monkey

4 thoughts on “NEW Inklingo Joseph’s Coat”

  1. Oh my, now I’m wondering what a “scubbing board” might be? Would this be what I call a Sandpaper board? I use one for marking match points on non-Inklingo work from time to time. Keeps my fabric from slip sliding away as I pencil marks on the fabric seam allowance!
    PS, While I love that 4″ size, it’s just a wee bit too small for me – I am making scrappy 6″ Lemoyne stars right now, and think that’s a small as I ever need to go! (No Dear Janes for me in this quilter’s life – LOL!

    • Hi Karen, A scrubbing board is how our grandmothers and great grandmothers washed clothes. It is not something any of us want to use today. LOL It is just as outdated as acrylic templates imho.

  2. Hello Linda,

    I love this collection, I wanted to make one many years ago. But like you said, there is always something else that is more urgent to do.

    I purchased the pins from Karen K Buckley. Wow those are seriously thin pins. But they work great and I love them.

    So thank you for everything as always.
    Best regards


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