NEW Winding Ways Shape Collections 12 inch blocks

Here we are with Winding Ways again! I just cannot stop.

Winding Ways 12 inch

We are celebrating the new hardcover book with TWO MORE downloadable shape collections.

BIG shapes this time.

Winding Ways quilt

This is the biggest size I have done for Winding Ways.

Classic Winding Ways

This size is fabulous for fast machine piecing.

The curves are so gentle that it is almost like sewing straight seams but when the blocks are set together it is enough to create a lovely curvy effect.

Print Winding Ways templates

Print, cut, sew.

Fussy Cut Winding Ways

This is lovely for fussy cutting big designs. I chose 4 different flowers for this one. Something a little different and it requires less fabric.

There are very detailed instructions for fussy cutting with two-part freezer paper templates in my new Winding Ways book.

Both of the new shape collections include instructions for sewing by hand AND by machine, worksheets and more. There are descriptions on the website.

The Winding Ways 12 inch shape collection includes the basic shapes. Only $20.

There is also a Deluxe version with shapes for many variations of Winding Ways. Only $35.

  • Everything in the basic version is included in the Deluxe version, so you only need one.
  • The instructions in the old Winding Ways Design Book are also included in both shape collections, so you do not need it too.

Winding Ways by Linda Franz sample pages


The low intro price lasts for the first week only. We think it is great value at full price.

Winding Ways by Linda Franz

Russ and I are all caught up. We are mailing orders as soon as they come in. No delays.


If you have already received your book in the mail, I hope you love it and will want to leave a review. It is a good way to help quilters who are considering Inklingo.

Winding Ways 12 inch   Winding Ways Deluxe 12 inch

Now to shop!

Winding Ways 12 inch
Winding Ways 12 inch Deluxe

Thank you for visiting.

Linda & Monkey

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