“Back-basting” or “Template-free” Appliqué

A Canadian Inklingo quilter says that “back-basting” is how she was taught to appliqué when she was young, and it was just called “appliqué,” so it seems to have been around for at least several decades.

Layered back-basting is explained and illustrated in The Inklingo Handbook.

Has anyone seen what is now called “back-basting” or “template-free” appliqué described in older sewing books, patterns, or newspapers, or with another name?  Since Canada is such a melting pot of cultures, it could have come from anywhere.  Just curious.

Garbage Eve or Charm-Free

Like most families, ours has a few pet terms.  Two of my favs are “Garbage Eve” and “charm-free.” Charm-free is a pseudo-diplomatic way to describe an unpleasant, self-centered person–which every group seems to have.

Please let me know if you have heard about “back-basting” called something other than “template-free.”  Calling anything “xxxxxx-free” has a negative connotation for me, so I don’t think I want to refer to such a nice technique that way.

Pseudo, serendipity, and esoteric are all nice too, but the opportunities to use them are sadly limited, especially with sewing techniques. Maybe another time.

Linda & Monkey

PS  Garbage Eve is the night before garbage pickup, when Someone has to go out to the garage and get it ready.