A Gift of Passacaglia for Inklingoists

Passacaglia by Tilde Binger

Passacaglia is a musical form dating back to the early 1600s. Lucy Boston, the renowned English patchwork artist, interpreted the style in fabric as a gift for the talented friend who played her favorite Passacaglia on the harpsichord in her ancient manor house near Cambridge. 

Tilde Binger, a dear freind (friend) and Inklingoist, took one look at the Passacaglia Patchwork in Diana Boston’s book and knew she had to make one!

With Diana Boston’s permission,  Tilde has prepared a pattern for a gorgeous Passacaglia Table Runner. Her interpretation of Lucy Boston’s gift is a gift to you—free, just in time for Christmas. Thank you, dear freind! 

A few of Tilde's Passacaglia variations

In theory, you only need four Passacaglia blocks for a table runner, but we think you will find it hard to stop making variations. Tilde is making a spectacular bed quilt with these. Aren’t they stunning?

details of Tilde’s Passacaglia blocks

Tilde’s Passacaglia Table Runner Pattern

the free Inklingo shape collection (to make Passacaglia)

more about Lucy Boston

video for fussy cutting—useful for Passacaglia and Patchwork of the Crosses (POTC)

Russ is on antibiotics and I am not feeling too great myself, so it will be a quiet holiday here. We wish you a wonderful time with family and friends!

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