Rotary Cutting with Inklingo

Today is the one-year anniversary of the first Inklingo downloadable shape collections! To celebrate, Monkey helped me prepare an amazing little video about rotary cutting with Inklingo.

Rotary cutting with Inklingo is precise, simple, and fast compared to traditional methods, so we thought it would be a good thing to illustrate with our new monkey-sized camera.

Monkey appears for a nanosecond in this one, but you can only see my hands because I filmed this wearing a TINY camera on my forehead. I look totally ridiculous with a third eye (five if you count the reading glasses), but we think the subject matter is clear.  I am learning this technique in order to give you the same view that I have when I am cutting or sewing with Inklingo.


If you like this little video, we will do more, so that by the time we reach the second anniversary of the downloads, there will be a whole collection of Inklingo videos for you to share.

Maybe some day we will even let you see what we look like wearing the foreheadcam.  Maybe.  Monkey did not say a word.  (We all need friends like Monkey.)

Monkey and I enjoy your comments and suggestions, here and in the Yahoo group. Please keep writing!  Thank you for visiting us here.

Linda & Monkey

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