Lucy Boston’s Double Wedding Ring Quilt

Lucy Boston started by mending old quilts but eventually created masterpieces that inspire us today. She was an artist through and through.

The Patchworks of Lucy Boston by Diana Boston

Diana Boston’s wonderful book, The Patchworks of Lucy Boston, includes descriptions and photos of more than 20 patchworks, but Double Wedding Ring is NOT one of them.


Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses

Lucy Boston used simple shapes and home-made templates for hexagons and squares in her brilliant Patchwork of the Crosses (POTC, above). (Photo used with permission. Please do not pin or copy.)

The patchworks of Lucy Boston are compelling because of the way she challenges us to look at fabric with the most ordinary shapes.


POTC by Lucy Boston
(Photo used with permission. Please do not pin or copy.)

As you can see in this example of Lucy Boston’s work, she did not cut with mechanical precision. Little variances are part of her appeal. I especially like the variations in the squares on the inside cover of the book.


Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses POTC

She did it all with the limited fabrics available in post-war Britain and she did not settle for the obvious.


I cannot help but wonder what Lucy Boston could have done with the amazing fabrics we have today and a tool like Inklingo!

All those hours that she spent tracing templates, basting, and whip-stitching could have been spent hand sewing fabulous designs. It’s as if Picasso had to collect animal hair to make his own brushes before he could paint his vision.

If Lucy Boston had been able to print shapes on a wider selection of fabric with an ordinary Inkjet printer and Inklingo and sewn with a running stitch (or even by machine), what would she have made?

I photographed some of my favorite fabrics and Photoshopped a few ideas for a Lucy Boston style DWR.


Timeless Treasures Kabuki

I have used this for No Waste Fussy Cutting LeMoyne Stars too. (Examples here.)


Lucy Boston Double Wedding Ring Quilt

Do you think Lucy Boston would approve?


Lucy Boston style Double Wedding Ring Quilt

This fabric works well for Ìnklingo No Waste Fussy Cutting, but I prefer a fabric design with more movement and less background. With No Waste Fussy Cutting, the designs in the fabric shapes are identical but random, similar to Stack n Whack™.

Cutting flowers or stripes with mechanical precision may not create the same magical effect. Random adds excitement and wonderful little surprises.


Robert Kaufman Esmeralda

This is another one of my favorites—an oldie but goodie. I have used it for several Patchwork of the Crosses (POTC) blocks too. It was in my stash for a long time before I found the perfect use for it. (Examples here.)


"Lucy Boston" style Double Wedding Ring Quilt

Do you think Lucy Boston would fussy cut the corner squares of DWR?


Lucy Boston style Double Wedding Ring Quilt


Traditional Double Wedding Ring Quilts put more emphasis on the rings but the other shapes are interesting too!

In these examples, I have kept the other elements of DWR as simple as possible.


Kona Bay 1999

I bought this fabric in 1999. I wish I had bolts of it for more Kaleidoscope Stars. (Examples here.)

This is my idea of the perfect fabric for fussy cutting.


"Lucy Boston" style Double Wedding Ring Quilt

The variety of effects with this fabric is astonishing.


Lucy Boston style Double Wedding Ring Quilt


All of the corner shapes are from that one Kona Bay fabric!

Lucy Boston pointed us in the right direction and taught us that an artist is not limited by the circumstances of time and place.

The limited selection of cotton fabrics available in Britain in the 1950s and 1960s did not stop her from creating works of art.

Her long, creative old age is an inspiration to us all.

Lucy Boston worked alone and the only sewing method she knew was English Paper Piecing.

We have every advantage—the best selection of fabric in the whole history of the world, better methods, better books and online groups—plus her example to follow!


Video with 50 Inklingo Double Wedding Ring Designs

50 designs in only 2 minutes! Click on the video to play.


Double Wedding Ring is the design I featured in the Electric Quilt Christmas Countdown.

Even if you have watched this 2 minute video before, I think you might see the designs differently if you approach it with the idea of fussy cutting.

The video includes examples with fussy cut centers, but as you know now, you can fussy cut the corners or the rings or the arc ends or the melon shapes.

Let Lucy Boston inspire you to go beyond the obvious!


  (Click for a larger view)

The shapes for all of the designs in the video can be printed on fabric with Inklingo!

No templates, no measuring.

The sewing is so much easier than it was in Lucy Boston’s day that you can play with a complicated design like DWR and get beautiful results with the cutting and stitching lines printed on the fabric with Inklingo.

Spend the amount of time you want to spend making a quilt—and make something extra-special in less time than it would take with other methods.

There are several articles about Double Wedding Ring listed on the Main Double Wedding Ring Page on the website. (This is the blog.)

Print shapes on fabric with your Inkjet

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Lucy Boston Double Wedding Ring Quilt


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Lucy Boston Double Wedding Ring Quilt

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Lucy Boston Double Wedding Ring Quilt


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