Double Wedding Ring Quilts with On Point Settings

A Chance to Win and 5 TIPS!

How about a little more fun with Double Wedding Ring?

And a chance to win the shape collection? OR a $40 Inklingo Gift Certificate?

You don’t have to be an expert quilter with a ton of patience to sew DWR anymore. Just print the shapes on fabric with Inklingo!

Today there are more Double Wedding Ring Quilt designs to inspire you and 5 tips to help you sew one.


This design has arcs with 8 pieces (plus ends). Impressive!

TIP 1  Use the unique pressing guide in the Double Wedding Ring Design Book to press the seams in the right direction—and to check the size of the arcs!


This is the same design with a few little tweaks. Approx 52 x 52 inches.



For me, the real magic happens when the blocks are turned on point.

This design is about 72 x 72.  Wouldn’t it look lovely on a bed with another row of DWR all the way around (96 x 96)?

TIP 2  Use the worksheets in the Double Wedding Ring Design Book OR the Double Wedding Ring Electric Quilt project file to find the finished size of your design.

Double Wedding Ring Quilts with an on-point design can be finished with a straight edge.


TIP 3 This half center is provided in two Inklingo layouts to print on fabric. Print the one with straight grain on the long side if you are using it on the outside edge of the quilt.


On-point with a medallion effect. Having a variety of centers with appropriate straight grain makes it possible.


This one uses the half center with straight grain on the long side.

TIP 4 You can put a Double Wedding Ring Border on any quilt! Had you thought of that?


All of the arcs in this one are identical, but . . .


. . .you can use more than one kind of arc in each quilt. So many choices!


I went with Russ to Niagara Falls NY yesterday to mail book orders. It was the perfect day to walk in Niagara-on-the-Lake too—without the weekend crowds. The spring flowers and blossoms are glorious right now. I came home inspired to try one more design.


I’ll call this one Blossoms in Niagara on the Lake.

If you compare these designs with ones in the two previous messages, I think you will see why I love on-point settings so much.



TIP 5 You can have 7 pieces (plus ends) in each arc by using two different sizes. That’s what I did for my blossoms design.

Looking for More about Double Wedding Ring Quilts?

The Double Wedding Ring Design Book ($10 or free) will get you started. There are several other messages on the blog about DWR, and more info on the website too.


Just leave a message on this blog entry (not the others) by Saturday May 12, and you will be in the draw.

You could win the Double Wedding Ring Shape Collection PLUS the design book, or a  $40 Inklingo Gift Certificate.

If you already have the Inklingo DWR shape collection, you can use the gift certificate on one of the many other Inklingo shape collections and books listed in the Inklingo Shop.

We will announce the winner on Mother’s Day, okay?

BONUS TIP  There are 2 good things you can do right now!

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