NEW Passacaglia Bonus Shapes

Passacaglia center rosette


The new 2 inch Passacaglia shape collection (Millefiori Quilts 1) gave me the opportunity to add some bonus shapes.

Passacaglia Rosettes

The 5 diamonds in the decagon (10-sided shape) in the center of the rosettes can be replaced with a pentagon and 5 triangles.

This new shape collection gives you choices!

Passacaglia Star

The other bonus Passacaglia shape does the opposite.

Passacaglia bonus templates

The bonus kite allows you to replace the pentagon and triangles of the 5-pointed stars with 5 kites.

Another big reason that quilters asked for the 2 inch Passacaglia shape collection: The larger size is easier to sew by machine!

This video shows how to sew crosshair to crosshair by machine using hexagons as an example. It works the same way for the shapes in Passacaglia.

When the sewing goes a little faster, quilters can spend more time choosing fabric and fussy cutting and still finish Willyne Hammerstein’s complex design (Millefiori Quilts 1) in a reasonable amount of time.

There is Guide to Millefiori Quilts with Inklingo on the All About Inklingo blog. It includes links to video and info about fussy cutting.

I like to sew some of the easy seams by machine, crosshair to crosshair, and then add the ring to the center by hand, sewing continuously from one seam to the next.

This video uses Passacaglia as an example, sewing by hand.


Design books have the “how to” and shape collections have the shapes to print.

When you buy the Passacaglia shape collection, I also manually add the Hexagon Quilt Design Book ($20 value). The design book focuses on 60 degree hexagons but the sewing and pressing instructions also apply to these shapes.

There is always one free design book, so you can see what kind of info is included in all of my design books.

Introduction to Inklingo

Of course the Diamond Triangle Square shape collection is also free and that is how you should start with Inklingo, if you haven’t already.

The Main Beginner’s Page is not just for beginning quilters. It is also great for anyone who is beginning with Inklingo.

Passacaglia 2 inch shapesPassacaglia 2 inch 


If you have been following Inklingo, you know that new shape collections are at a LOW intro price when they are brand new—but just for a short time.

The new Passacaglia shape collection is on sale for $25 instead of $30. (Monkey says $30 is still a deal!)

I do my best to keep prices low all the time because my mission with Inklingo is to make quilting more accessible.

Pine Cone Quilt Design Book

While you are on the website, you can also get the new Pine Cone Quilt Design Book for free!

Please stay well and stay tuned for more!

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