More Inklingo Hexagons to Print on Fabric


The very first Inklingo Shape Collection in 2006 was designed around hexagons. Since then, several sizes have been added.

By popular request, today there are 4 more sizes to download!


0.375 inch sides

The sides are 0.375 (3/8), so they are 50% bigger than 0.25 inch hexagons. They are still itty bitty. You asked for them, but what on earth do you want these for? LOL

0.375 inch hexagons are 0.75 inches across from point to point. That’s geometry for you.


0.75 inch sides

These hexagons are already available on the Inklingo # 3 CD. We still expect most quilters to prefer the book and CD because it is such an incredible value. (30 shapes and sizes + the beautiful book-on-paper!)

This was requested by quilters who have Mac without Windows because the #3 CD requires Windows.


1.5 inch sides

These hexagons are also available on the Inklingo # 3 CD.

We still expect most quilters to prefer the Inklingo # 3 book and CD because it is such an incredible value.

However, if all you want is one size of hexagon, you don’t have to buy shapes you don’t expect to use and the price on the download is ultra low for a few days.


2.25 inch sides

This is a brand new size for Inklingo. Each side is 2.25 inches and it is 4.5 inches across from point to point. That makes it perfect for large prints and fussy cutting.


Each side of a 0.375 inch hexagon is just one load of the needle.


The 1.5 inch hexagons and 2.25 inch hexagons are perfect for machine piecing and work beautifully with large prints.


Monkey is famous for being a hand piecing snob, but even he sees the advantages of machine piecing big hexagons.

Monkey stars in a new a movie with our best tips for machine piecing hexagons or any inset seams. Stay tuned for that, okay?

Probably tomorrow. I am thrilled with the way it turned out.



Whichever size you choose, when you print the shapes on fabric with Inklingo, you have many advantages:

  • Portable
  • Precise, with straight grain on two sides, crosshairs, stitching lines
  • Print and rotary cut several layers at a time to get a fast start
  • Alternate layouts for scissors cutting (sometimes saves fabric)
  • Half, quarter, and third provided for more design options
  • No templates
  • No waste
  • No basting
  • No whip-stitching
  • Sew by hand or by machine
  • Sew some seams by hand and some by machine if you prefer (hybrid)
  • Ideal for fussy cutting (“fussy printing”)
  • Fabric requirements are provided
  • Compatible with any design which uses the same shapes
  • Can be used to rescue a quilt you started with English Paper Piecing
  • The Hexagon Quilt Design Book (PDF, 70 pages) is free when you buy hexagon shapes to print on fabric. (Details) It is comparable to other books about hexagons which sell for $20 and more.

We know you will love the design book even if you are not using Inklingo.


No matter how closely you look, the stitches don’t show! (Fabric: Northcott Ainsley)


I recently heard from a quilter in Australia who used to sew English Paper Piecing for a portable project. She says now she can sew the seams in the time it used to take just to baste them.

As she said, “Why sew twice when I can do it once and none of the stitches show on the front?”

Faster is not always better, but when something is faster AND better, I’m interested. Are you?

You can see all of the Inklingo sizes on the Main Hexagon Page on the website.


As usual, the new shapes are at a very special intro price—but for a few days only!

Working on these new shape collections brought back memories from the very first Inklingo shape collections in 2006 and Inklingo # 3 in 2007. Those were exciting days! I was confident we were changing quilting for the better, and we still are.

We’ve come a long, long way in the past 6 years! Thank you very much for sharing this journey with me.

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Linda & Monkey

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