Inklingo Periwinkle Quilt – Lesson Part 5

Inklingo Periwinkle Quilt

A quilting friend requested a smaller version of the Inklingo Periwinkle Quilt for a wall hanging . . .


Inklingo Periwinkle Quilt

. . . so we designed Wall Flowers, approximately 39 x 39 inches.

An overall design like the IPQ quilt looks complicated because the “blocks” are not easy-to-identify squares.

Inklingo Periwinkle Quilt

Do you see this block?

. . . .There are 12 of them!


Inklingo Periwinkle Quilt

When we break it apart it makes sense. Beautiful!


Inklingo IPQ Cheat Sheet

We prepared a Cheat Sheet for Wall Flowers for you (download Part 5 below), but now that you know this powerful little secret, you can design a Periwinkle Quilt too.

Then you can print, cut & sew!

Inklingo Periwinkle Quilt


There are only 3 shapes in this quilt. Print them on fabric and you’re ready to “do the Inklingo!”

The Periwinkle design breaks down into perfect sections for a combination of machine piecing AND hand piecing. We call it an Inklingo hybrid.

When you have lines on the fabric you can combine hand and machine piecing and that makes it possible to finish in less time than with any other method.

I like to get a fast start by sewing four-patches by machine. Of course, all of the shapes are fun to sew by hand if you need a portable project.


Inklingo Periwinkle Quilt Part 5

We prepared this one-page guide to help you stay organized whether you are sewing by hand or by machine or a little of both. (Download PDF below.)

The parts are so pretty and so much fun to sew that we know you will actually finish.


Inklingo Periwinkle Quilt

3 options!

  1. machine piece everything by sewing from crosshair to crosshair
  2. hybrid—machine piece the kites (leaves), hand piece the  octagons
    (my choice)
  3. hand piece everything with lots of continuous stitching and portability


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The Inklingo Periwinkle Quilt was dubbed a “reverse mystery” because you know in advance what you are making but the format is similar to our mystery quilt (COTSG), the Case of the Secret Garden.


Video - Continuous stitching by hand


This video shows how to sew continuously from one seam to the next with hexagons.

There are even more options for continuous stitching with octagons!

Of course, you can sew all of the insets by machine, and the video on YouTube for machine piecing hexagons works for octagons too.


Inklingo Periwinkle Quilt

The Inklingo Periwinkle Quilt Part 5
Free PDF (7 pages, 5 MB)
The page numbers start at 26 because Part 4 ended with page 25.

(There is a note about downloading with Firefox in Part 3.)

Inklingo Periwinkle Quilt (IPQ) Lesson Summary

Inklingo Periwinkle Quilt

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We think octagons are a nice change from hexagons. How about you?

Linda & Monkey

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