NEW Starry Path Inklingo Shape Collection

Starry Path 6 inch templates

I’ve been sharing photos of my Starry Path blocks on Facebook and Instagram for the past week or so. These are really fun and easy to sew when you have the shapes printed on fabric with Inklingo!

Starry Path 6 inch templates

The shapes are ready, so you can start sewing them now too.

Starry Path 6 inch  Only $20 for a limited time!

There is a complete description on the website but here are some of the highlights.

Starry Path quilt block

Printing the shapes on fabric with Inklingo makes the preparation fast and precise.

As usual, the Inklingo Starry Path shape collection includes layouts to print on fabric (above) or on paper or freezer paper, just in case you need templates.

Inklingo makes every step more precise and easier than using acrylic templates. (Why I don’t sell acrylic templates.)

Fussy Cut Starry Path quilt

There are sewing and pressing instructions in the shape collection, so you can get precise results.

templates for Starry Path quilt

Shapes with and without seam allowances are included PLUS the mirror image, so you have even more design options.

Fussy Cut Starry Path quilt

These simple stars are perfect for fussy cutting.

Fussy Cut Starry Path quilt

There are more examples in the shape collection.

Inklingo precision corners

Thanks to Inklingo’s correct grain, precise cutting lines, matching marks, crosshairs, and precision corners, it is easier than ever to cut and sew these stars.

Inklingo is all about making quilting more accessible.

Introduction to Inklingo

When you are ready to start printing on fabric, I always recommend starting with the FREE Diamond Triangle Square shape collection because it includes the first chapter of The Inklingo Handbook and some great shapes to print on fabric.

All you need to get started is a computer (Windows or Mac), Adobe Reader (free), and an Inkjet printer—and some fabric and freezer paper, of course!

Starry Path 6 inch templates

Starry Path at $25 is a great deal but it is on sale for only $20 for the first few days. (Yes, Inklingo DOES make quilting more accessible.)

Main Star Page

If you are interested in Starry Path in more sizes, please let me know. I want to know what you would like to see next!

Thank you to all of the quilters who requested Inklingo shapes for Starry Path. It was a great suggestion.

Thank you for visiting.

Linda & Monkey

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