Encore Presentation of the Third LIVE Inklingo Video

Happy New Year!

2017 has been a great year for Inklingo and I hope 2018 will be even better. More videos. (And more video bloopers.) More shape collections. More sewing time. More QUILTS.

And last but not least, more time with friends.


Thank you to everyone who watched Friday Night LIVE. This would not be any fun without you.

I talked about

  • the NEW Silent Garden shape collections from Millefiori Quilts 3
  • printing on dark fabric
  • a cool tip with freezer paper templates
  • continuous stitching by hand
  • circling the intersection by hand
  • sewing crosshair to crosshair by machine
  • hybrid piecing (combining hand and machine piecing)
  • fabric requirements for different layouts, different straight grain, stripes
  • two tips for fussy cutting

That’s all I could cram into one hour. Pretty good, eh? (Live from Canada)

Inklingo Live Video 03
As usual, I was disappointed with parts of it.

This is a rare shot where I was actually looking at the right camera. I was so concerned about making sure I was showing the intended scene/camera—correcting a previous mistake—that I was often looking at a monitor off to my right. It looks odd. Disappointing.

So, next time, I will try to look at the correct camera more often—while still keeping an eye on what scene is playing and NOT glancing at the live feed on Facebook, which is delayed.

All very confusing—but that’s LIVE for you.


Another blooper.

Unfortunately, this clip showing printing on dark fabric was cropped very tightly in Friday’s live video—my mistake.

I was able to create this new clip (above) with the un-cropped original video and coordinate it with the audio from the LIVE video. (It’s a miracle. I amazed myself.) I’m still learning. I think I can avoid this mistake next time.
There is more about printing on fabric on the Main Beginner’s Page and more about printing on DARK fabric in the Top Ten Tutes.


hand piecing with a running stitch

The close-up camera focus was disappointing AGAIN. I’ll try something else next time.

I am also getting advice to fix the audio echo. <sigh>

I’ll keep making mistakes but I’ll try to make new ones every time, okay?

Live = You never know what will happen but I still felt sad when I watched the replay this time.

If you had trouble seeing the stitching, there is an olde Inklingo video on YouTube which shows Circling the Intersection.


Silent Garden quilt stars

Yesterday, I tried to get over my disappointment by sewing 6 more stars.

I’m limited by the amount of fabric to only 57 stars. I wish I had more. I have 19 of 57 finished, so I’m a third of the way there. It is going to be gorgeous, don’t you think? Thank you, Willyne Hammerstein!

I combined hand and machine piecing (hybrid piecing) yesterday. Each star block goes very fast, especially  when I’m not on camera, trying to talk and manage cameras at the same time.


Barb Clark TX fussy star

Driveway Barb’s Blog – Barb Clark teaches Inklingo in the Fort Worth area of Texas. She has been using Inklingo for years and shows her amazing fussy cutting (above) on the blog. You can ask her why I call her Driveway Barb.

Cathi’s Quilt Obsession Blog – This is one of the blogs I have followed for years. Great inspiration! Cathi has made many quilts with Inklingo since 2006. Her latest article shows Silent Garden stars from the front AND from the back. There is always a fabulous cartoon by Mr Q O.

No Waste Fussy Cutting on the All About Inklingo Blog

Fussy Cutting with Templates on the All About Inklingo Blog

Main Millefiori Page (under the Shop tab)

Main Beginner’s Page (link from top right of every page on the website or in the Shop) There is a short, detailed VIDEO INTRO to Inklingo on that page.

Quilted Diamonds 2 book with DVD is perfect for learning all the fine points of hand piecing.


New Inklingo Silent Garden Shape Collections

NEW Silent Garden 2 inch shape collection

NEW Silent Garden 3 cm shape collection (original size)


Inklingo Live Video #3

I can confidently say that we will have brand new mistakes in Live 04.  <sigh> I am learning as we go along. It’s not boring.  You never know what will happen. I’m trying to see it as a learning experience.

Thank you for visiting here and thank you for watching LIVE, despite my shortcomings.

If you missed it, I hope you will watch the replay (at top) with a kind eye. Don’t forget to order the shapes while they are only $20 too!


Introduction to Inklingo

This video only takes 8 minutes and tells you how to start FREE.

If have a New Year’s Resolution to learn something new, let me suggest learning how to print on fabric. I guarantee it is easier than learning how to do live video!

I hope you will be back for more LIVE videos and bring your friends in 2018.

Thank you for a great 2017. Happy New Year!

Linda & Monkey


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