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Keep Calm and email Linda

If I’m awake, I’m on duty. When anyone is having trouble opening an Inklingo PDF, I stop what I am doing and do my best to help.

When I published the first Inklingo downloads in 2008, it was pretty scary. Would my life would be overtaken by Tech Support?

I chose the most user friendly method of copy protection I could find, but even at that it was surprising how little Tech Support is required.

No matter what I am doing, I stop and answer.

And I don’t mind—because there is always a simple answer and I can always help. It gives me a good feeling.

Tech Support comes first. Usually one email is all it takes.


Adobe Reader


1. Not opening with Adobe Reader.

2. Not opening with Adobe Reader.

3. Not opening with Adobe Reader.

Actually, not opening with Adobe Reader is the top 99 issues out of 100.

Inklingo will not open with Mac Preview or the default PDF viewer that is installed on some Windows 8 computers. That is why Adobe Reader is called a “system requirement.” It’s free. Easy, eh?


Inklingo Tech Support


This might be the opposite of what you would expect.

1. The quilters who have the least trouble opening Inklingo PDFs are those in their 70s and 80s. They did not grow up with computers, so they Read The Instructions.

2. The quilters who have the most trouble opening Inklingo PDFs are the self-identified “geeky types” because they don’t Read The Instructions.

3. For other quilters, if all else fails, they Read The Instructions.

The quilters I worry about are the ones who become confused—but who don’t ask for help.


Wireless at Downton Abbey

Yes, I even answered during Downton Abbey last night! And I really don’t mind.


Love the lines. Quilt more.

I want every quilter’s introduction to Inklingo to be smooth and for everyone to start printing on fabric.

I go into more detail in one of the Top Ten Tutes on the blog: How to Print on Fabric.  (The other Top Ten Tutes are good too.)


I could sew here.

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Download Adobe Reader


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