Inklingo Patent

Good News for Quilters and Quilting Professionals

Method of Preparing Fabric for Sewing, or for Cutting and Sewing

US Patent 7,814,832 was issued today for the Inklingo method of printing shapes on fabric.

The business model for Inklingo has been designed to benefit all sectors of the quilting industry, not just the inventor. Inklingo offers new opportunities for quilters, designers, teachers, shop owners, online retailers, editors, historians, authors, publishers, programmers, and manufacturers of fabric, sewing machines, supplies, and tools.

The benefits of Inklingo will be significant and widespread. Inklingo is ideally suited to do well in a tough economy. With retail prices ranging from $12 to $50, Inklingo does more and costs less than comparable tools. Inklingo is the quilting tool we’ve always wanted for machine piecing, appliqué, and hand piecing.

The patent will make it easier for Inklingo to expand quickly and to attract partners and affiliates.

More information is available at this link, but if you have questions, please contact me.

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