Pie & Tarts by Jeannette (Hold the Tarts)

Pie & Tarts by Jeannette (Inklingo)


Jeannette in Australia posted photos of 31 “Pies” in the Inklingo Yahoo Group the other day.


I was so impressed that I asked her for permission to show them on the website too.

Jeannette is using the Inklingo version of Pie & Tarts designed by Sue Daley of Busy Fingers Patchwork to print the shapes on fabric for a portable project.


Jeannette's fabric for Inklingo Pie & Tarts


Jeannette found this fabric in a sale bin for $4/meter. She is printing the shapes on fabric to get spectacular effects.

Jeannette recognized the potential that others missed!


Print 8 identical sheets for fussy cutting!

She cut the fabric into chunks with identical repeats of the design, à la Bethany Reynolds’ Stack N Whack, and then printed 8 identical sheets of the pie shape with Inklingo.

In this illustration, printing 8 identical sheets is enough for 12 Pies and each Pie would have 8 identical pieces.



The fussy cutting method in this video for Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses (POTC) is perfect for Pie & Tarts too.

It just boils down to this: “Print identical sheets of fabric.”

(There are more videos for Lucy Boston on YouTube too.)


Once the shapes are printed with Inklingo, you can use a rotary cutter to cut several layers at a time OR use scissors if you need it to be portable.

No templates, no measuring, no whip-stitching. Life is good!


Jeannette is sewing by hand, but you can machine piece, if you prefer.

There are complete machine piecing instructions FREE on the website. Scroll down on the Pie & Tarts page to get the free PDF.


Jeannette's Inklingo Pie & Tarts

Can you believe these all came from the same fabric? They did!

You never know what you’ll get, but they are all beautiful. It’s “pot luck” according to Jeannette.


Jeannette is using the Inklingo Pie and Tarts shape collection but this quilt will only have Pies, no Tarts.

As she says, “I’m just doing pies this time. I’m on a diet. LOL”

Thanks to the printed pieces, you can piece Pies & Tarts to the background instead of appliqué to be sure everything is centered perfectly.


Inklingo Background for Pie & Tarts

By the way, the background shape for Pie & Tarts can be used for “just Pies” too. The layout just happens to work perfectly for “pie only” without waste. Just don’t cut the “tart” curve!

As a bonus, there is a back-basting layout in the Inklingo version of Pie & Tarts if you prefer to appliqué.


Monkey's Pie, Our Tarts


Monkey is fortifying himself with Pie (tart-size to us). After all, you should never go shopping on an empty stomach.

Be sure to check the sale bin the next time you visit your local quilt shop! Jeannette was smart and knew a great fabric when she saw it.

TIP  As a general rule of thumb, the less “background” in the design, the better.

It is impossible to know how much fabric is required for fussy cutting because there is some waste, so buy all you can, especially if it is on sale!

Inklingo Pie & Tarts

I have seen some VERY nice Pie & Tarts quilts, but I think Jeannette’s will be my all-time favorite.

By the way, this is the same Jeannette from Australia who suggested the School House shape collection for kids. Thank you, Jeannette. You are proof that Inklingo quilters are the best!


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Linda & Monkey

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