NEW Size for Passacagllia with Inklingo

Passacaglia by Willyne Hammerstein


The shapes for Passacaglia have been available for a long time in the original size (3 cm) and one larger size but Inklingo quilters asked for even bigger shapes! Main Millefiori Page

No wonder. The design on the cover of Willyne Hammerstein’s Millefiori Quilts (first book) is exquisite. We never get tired of it.

The new shapes have 2 inch sides and are great for anyone who wants to fussy cut large designs or who wants to sew by machine.

Passacaglia Size Comparison


I also included 3 bonus shapes this time.

Passacaglia bonus templates

The two bonus shapes (left) can be used to replace the 5-pointed star at the center of the rosettes.

Passacaglia bonus templates

The bonus shape (left) can be used to replace this 5-pointed star too.

This larger size is perfect for fussy cutting, especially when fabrics have large designs. The video for fussy cutting shapes for Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses (Main Lucy Boston Page) works the same way for Passacaglia.

Introduction to Inklingo

Main Beginner’s Page. As usual, if you are new to printing on fabric, I recommend starting with the free shape collection for Diamond Triangle Square.

Passacaglia 2 inch shapesPassacaglia 2 inch


See more about the new shapes on the Main Millefiori Page too (under the Shop tab).

Millefiori Quilts Books

All 4 of Willyne’s magnificent books are in stock.

$39.95 plus $7.55 Priority mail, mailed from Niagara Falls NY. No handling fee, and I can fit any two books in one flat rate Priority envelope to save on postage too.

I have more to share about machine piecing these shapes, so please stay tuned, stay well, and keep printing and sewing!

Thank you for visiting.

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