Yardage for Golden Wedding Ring

Golden Wedding Ring Yardage Requirements

Since 2006, quilters have learned that Inklingo makes it easier than ever to design your own quilt.

One of the many advantages of Inklingo is that it helps you see how much fabric you need.

Inklingo Cheat Sheet

If you have been hanging around Inklingo for a while, you know how I use Monkey’s Cheat Sheet (above) to stay organized and record the yardage requirements.

Monkey’s Cheat Sheet is great. However, this time, I chose a different visual aid that some quilters might find even simpler.

Golden Wedding Ring

I started with the worksheets and info in the Inklingo Golden Wedding Ring Design Book for this small quilt (approx 27.5 x 30 inches). The shape count is summarized with the worksheet on page 8 of the design book.

Inklingo Custom Page Sizes

Then I printed the pages of Suggested Custom Sizes for the layouts in the Catalogue of Shapes in the Golden Wedding Ring 12 inch shape collection (above)  . . .

Inklingo Cheat Sheet

. . . so I could trace the fabric sheet diagrams onto a diagram of one yard of fabric (above).


The outline of a yard of fabric is to scale with the diagrams of the suggested custom sizes. You can print or trace from the design book, or from the Inklingo shape collection, or from The Inklingo Handbook (page 116)..

To save you some time, I prepared a PDF you can download, below.

Golden Wedding Ring Yardage Requirements


You might recognize layouts like this from the mystery quilt clues, like The Case of the Diamond Necklace Mystery Quilt.


  • Work in pencil!
  • Have an eraser handy.
  • Label each representation of a sheet of fabric with the shape and number (e.g. A 30)
  • Print the pages of Suggested Page Sizes from the Catalogue of Shapes for the appropriate layouts, so you can trace the outlines or cut them out. (For this example, I cut up some of the pages, below).
  • It is easier to see to trace through freezer paper than printer paper.
  • Start by positioning the mini fabric sheets across the 44 inch width of the fabric.
  • Turn and re-position the little shapes to use the fabric efficiently.
  • Sometimes the puzzle works better when you use smaller Suggested Custom Page Sizes or a different layout.
  • Consider using Combo Layouts. Sometimes they save fabric and reduce the number of sheets to print.
  • Anticipate the areas that are unusable (selvages) or missing due to shrinkage. (Always wash fabric first!)
  • Remember that a yard of fabric usually measures less than 36 x 44 inches after washing.

Inklingo Yardage Requirements

This method of positioning the fabric sheets on a diagram of fabric makes it easier to determine if the scraps in your stash are enough and to avoid waste.

Inklingo Golden Wedding Ring block

With this info and one of the new Golden Wedding Ring shape collections, you can use the worksheets or even design your own and be confident that you can start with the right amount of fabric and finish in a reasonable amount of time.

Inklingo Golden Wedding Ring by machine


There is a difference between “design books” and “shape collections.”

  • Inklingo design books include the design ideas, worksheets and sewing and pressing instructions. For GWR, there are detailed notes for sewing by machine or by hand.
  • Inklingo shape collections include the shapes to print. (They also include instructions and design ideas when there is not a separate design book.)

Website pages for design books and shape collections illustrate exactly what is included, like this one for the GWR Design Book.

All Inklingo Design Books are FREE when you buy related shapes.

The newest design book (Golden Wedding Ring) is free even without buying anything. Other design books are $10 without the related shapes, (Still a great deal!)

Some quilters like to buy the design book first. When they buy the related shapes in the next 60 days, I manually refund $10 as soon as I see the order, so the design book is still free. (Main Design Book Page)

Introduction to Inklingo

Printing on fabric is fun! Main Beginner’s Page.


Golden Wedding Ring Design Book


The new shape collections are at a super low “intro price” for a few days only.

I am planning to write about Golden Wedding Ring once more before the sale price ends this weekend.

Main Golden Wedding Ring Page  The Design Book is FREE for a limited time.

Please let me know if you find this way of creating your own visual aid helpful, okay?

Thank you for visiting. See you in a few days.

Linda & Monkey in Canada

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