Wednesday Tute 14 – DWR and Pickle Dish

Double Wedding Ring Challenge

A few Inklingo quilters are creating designs for the the NYC Mod Quilter’s Double Wedding Ring Challenge.

Are you?

We discussed edge treatments in Wednesday Tute 11. This tute focuses on the arcs.


Inklingo Double Wedding Ring Arc

If you are doing something interesting with the centers or the edges, you might want to keep the arcs as simple as possible.


Inklingo Double Wedding Ring

It can also be a great look for a Modern Quilt like Victoria Findlay Wolfe’s Double Edged Love Quilt. It won Best in Show at QuiltCon and is featured in Quilter’s Newsletter August/September 2013/No. 435.


Inklingo Double Wedding Ring Arc

The arc with one piece and two ends can be very effective too.


Inklingo Double Wedding Ring

The placement of color can put all of the emphasis on the arc ends, so your Double Wedding Ring has flowers.

There are a few examples like this in the 50 Double Wedding Ring Designs video on YouTube.



4 Pieces plus ends is a very traditional Double Wedding Ring option.


Inklingo Double Wedding Ring

The colors are often shaded from one end to the other. It can also be totally scrappy.

Inklingo is great for printing on scraps or Jelly Rolls. (Top Ten Tutes)



8 Pieces plus the ends is not as complicated as you might imagine.


Inklingo Double Wedding Ring

When every piece is the perfect size with the perfect angles, you can do anything.


5 pieces plus ends is less common, but not difficult when you print the shapes on fabric with Inklingo.


Inklingo Double Wedding Ring

It is a great way to get a symmetrical arc.



This combination has 7 pieces plus the arc ends.


Inklingo Double Wedding Ring

It can be used for symmetrical color placement and a modern stripe-y look.



If you are entering the NYC Mod Quilters Double Wedding Ring Challenge, Pickle Dish is one of the options open to you.


Inklingo Pickle Dish

It is Inklingo-able too.


Inklingo Continuous Stitching

Pickle Dish arcs make a perfect portable hand piecing project with lots and lots of continuous stitching.

At the end of every seam, you can turn a corner and continue without breaking the thread.


Print Pickle Dish shapes on fabric

When you print Pickle Dish shapes on fabric, it is a neat design for “hybrid” piecing—combining hand and machine sewing in the same quilt.

You might want to sew all of the arcs by hand because they are so much fun for continuous piecing and then assemble the rest of the quilt top by machine.  There are complete instructions in the Inklingo Double Wedding Ring Design Book.

If you start with the Design Book ($10), it is refunded when you buy the shapes to print on fabric. (Details).


Inklingo Double Wedding Ring Arcs

It is traditional to make all of the arcs the same, but you can mix and match in your design.


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3 thoughts on “Wednesday Tute 14 – DWR and Pickle Dish”

  1. I’m considering giving the pickle dish a go all via machine if possible. Being as I’m unable (currently) to hand piece this is the only option available to me. I’ve made blocks for the pickle dish by hand so I know it’s not impossible, likely requiring some extra careful skill applying the arcs. Thinking out loud here before I give it a go. What do you think about entirely machine piecing? Sometimes we don’t know unless we try but any input you might have would be welcomed.

  2. this is so beautiful…
    counting the weeks and projects completed until I can begin InkLingo and forget the other techniques to begin to make such beautiful quilts …. and items with this personal printer …. printed fabric…

  3. I looooove that flower variation. How is it posible that you just keep on coming up with all these marvelous ideas, I mean, don’t you have a life? Lol. I love today’s Tute, again!!! TUTE TUTE, sorry gotta go, don’t wanna miss the INKLINGO EXPRESS, TUTE TUTE!!!!

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