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Inklingo for Hexagon Quilters

Use your ordinary Inkjet printer to print hexagons on the wrong side of fabric with Inklingo!

You can still use English Paper Piecing with Inklingo, but a running stitch is faster and easier. Print hundreds of perfect hexagons on fabric in a few minutes and spend your time stitching instead of basting and prepping.

Take advantage of the FREE Inklingo Shape Collection to see how easy it is. 

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Inklingo is a great way to make hexagon quilts, whether you enjoy English Paper Piecing (EPP), hand piecing, or machine piecing.

I love hexagons, so several Inklingo Shape Collections include hexagons to print directly onto the wrong side of fabric, or onto freezer paper or other template material.

Traditionally, EPP has been a favorite choice for hexagons, in order to avoid marking the seam lines, but Inklingo's precise lines for stitching and cutting–perfectly printed by the hundreds–changed all that.


A running stitch is FASTER and makes a better seam—without templates, basting, or pressing the seams open. Just stitch along the seam line printed on the fabric.

If you choose to stitch hexagons with a running stitch by hand, not only are hexagons more portable than EPP, it is easier to hide the stitches, it is faster to prepare, it presses well, and it is easier to stitch from crosshair to crosshair for perfect results.

A running stitch is the first hand stitch any sewer learns, and piecing by hand is simple, relaxing, and portable.


Since the crosshairs and stitching lines are marked on the fabric, Inklingo hexagons can also be stitched by machine, or by a combination of hand and machine piecing, called an Inklingo hybrid.

Inklingo hexagons


If you enjoy EPP, you can print Inklingo hexagons on freezer paper (or other paper), layer it with unprinted sheets and cut several layers at a time with a rotary cutter.

Inklingo hexagons are also provided without seam allowances for EPP quilters.


There are 60 and 90 degree Inklingo hexagons in many sizes. Please see the Index of Shapes under the Support tab. It is updated every time a new shape collection is added.

Index of Shapes

In each case, partial hexagons (and sometimes diamonds) are included. 

You can download a free PDF which compares hexagon sizes from the Main Hexagon Page.

I am taking requests for more sizes too!


Experienced quilter? You will find hexagons easier to cut and sew, thanks to Inklingo’s precise lines for stitching and cutting, printed on the fabric.

New to Inklingo?  GETTING STARTED

New to quilting? Many new quilters love the look of hexagon quilts and are intimidated by the inset seams or hand sewing. Inklingo makes hexagons accessible and FAST for anyone with basic sewing skills. If you are a complete novice, the instructions for hand and machine piecing in The Inklingo Handbook will get you started. Thanks to Inklingo, you can use scissors if you don’t have a rotary cutter and mat (yet).


There is a huge amount of information on this web site, but please do not hesitate to write to me or to the friendly Inklingoists in the Yahoo group if you have questions.

Hidden Treasure?

Monkey says if we ever need to hide anything, we just need to put it under the SUPPORT tab. Check it out, okay?

In addition, there are pages available from the top menu bar with great articles (especially under HAND PIECING) and patterns (under SHOP) for hexagon quilters.

These pages should be easy for hexagon lovers to find:

   •  Why Hand Piece?

   •  Why English Paper Piece? (Why hand piecing is better)

   •  Emma's Butterfly Stars (free pattern by Cathi Godwin)

   •  Monkey Exercise # 1 (pattern)

   •  Hand Piecing: Jane Austen's Writing Table Quilts DVD Lesson

If you don't find these pages easily, please let me know. A web site is never finished.


Getting Started

The Great Hexagon Quilt Along

If you love hexagons, you will want to visit The Great Hexagon Quilt-Along blog.  It is a great place where quilters share their inspiration and love of hexagon projects.  Members use a variety of methods, including Inklingo and English Paper Piecing.



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