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* * * * * by Lorraine C from Plainwell MI on 11/20/2012
I used this collection for a Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt with a bazillion HST...and each and every once came out perfect. No trimming down, no tearing off paper, no drawing cutting or stitching lines, just print and sew. Great tool!!
* * * * * by Linda from Plain City OH on 11/20/2012
I love the way HST work for borders, block pieces, ocean waves, feathered stars. I love hand piecing. I print out HST sheets and hand piece them just for really easy hand piecing. Yes, you can do it faster by machine, but this is like productive meditation!
* * * * * by Ronda J from Camas on 10/10/2010
I am so glad I bought this pattern. I can make so MANY quilt patterns using these. Money well spent, and easy to piece while sitting with the family in the evening.
* * * * * by Erin from Nevada on 10/10/2010
I have this collection on a CD [CD #2] that is no longer available. After the Free Collection, I think the HST Collection is the best value for your money. There are so many blocks, and therefore quilt patterns, that use HST that you will get a lot of use from this collection! Linda has provided PDF instructions for making HST & QST units, flying geese & birds in the air the Inklingo way. Look under the "SUPPORT & Goodies" tab and scroll down to the "Inklingo Triangles" page to find the PDFs.
* * * * * by LuAnn from Indianapolis, IN on 10/09/2010
The Inklingo half square triangles are so amazing that I feel like I've skipped a step when I'm finished....and I have. I print the Inklingo on my light fabric. Then I go to the machine and place this light piece right sides together with a dark piece. I sew on the lines, cut apart, and press...and I'm finished. There is no paper to remove. This step has been totally eliminated with Inklingo. So many blocks have the half square triangle as a component that this collection is appropriate for the beginner as well as the seasoned quilter. It's a must have for all!!
* * * * * by Missy from Ozark, MO on 10/07/2010
Wow! We can ditch the Thangles, pencils, rulers and 7/8" seam allowances.. Just cut freezer paper and fabric to size, print, layer and sew..no dog ears even! This is GREAT for machine piecing, it is like making our own triangle paper right on the fabric..no paper to tear off.
* * * * * by Pati from Phoenix on 10/07/2010
Inklingo half square triangle are great for making Snowball blocks too. Print the size you need, cut out with trimmed corners and place on the square for your Snowball. The trimmed corners will match the cut edges at the proper point, sew on the line and press the triangle to the corner. You can leave in the under layer or trim it off, but no waste from the corner piece. Wonderful for many sizes. This is one of my favorite collections.
* * * * * by pines from Virgina on 10/03/2010
I used the Inklingo to print half-square triangles onto five-inch charm squares. I was able to print out over 4,000 of them in just a fraction of the time it would have taken this hand-piecer to draw out the shapes. I am now finishing a queen size scrap quilt. Inklingo is a great-time saver and I would recommend it to everyone!
* * * * * by Charlsey from Fort Worth on 09/27/2010
I used this collection for HST in a block called Mollie's Choice. I machined pieced the blocks. The pieces were perfect without the need to go back and square up or trim the block which I so often have to do if I do not use Inklingo. The precision of Inklingo is actually more accurate than my 1/4" foot on my machine and my rotary cutter and ruler. Just follow the stitching line and you have perfect blocks! It is great that Inklingo works so well for machine piecing as well as hand piecing. This would be a great collection for a beginner.
* * * * * by Linda from Burlington on 09/19/2010
Test You can see how to use these for Flying Geese on the blog at http://www.lindafranz.com/blog/inspiration-from-mccalls-quilts/

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