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* * * * * by Sharon from Rifle CO on 11/21/2012
I just purchased the Fancy Pieced Collection on Monday and have designed a table runner and have the fabric printed already. I'm so excited and can't wait to start sewing.
* * * * * by Karen from Russellville AR on 11/18/2012
I ordered this Dresden plate fancy piece combo collection last month and I am eager to start it. I have looked through all the pieces and the pictures and now I am almost ready to start designing my quilt. I look forward to getting started. There are so many different ways to put these blocks together - so many different looks are included. I would recommend this set to everyone!
* * * * * by Kathy from Lexington Park on 10/07/2010
Lots of design choices I never imagined!
* * * * * by Missy from Ozark, MO on 10/07/2010
I have this collection and it is so easy to print and stitch these seemingly complicated blocks! Everyone will ooh and ahhh over them and Linda has done all the hard work for us.
* * * * * by Theresa from Chorley, England on 10/06/2010
I love Dresden plates and this collection opened up so many new possibilities that I'd never even heard of before. To have the option of piecing as well as applique is wonderful.
* * * * * by Joan from Leschenault Western Australia on 10/04/2010
I have made only one of these blocks...the 15" Fancy Pieced one. It printed and cut out with ease, and the pieces fitted perfectly. This is definitely one I would never have done if it hadn't been for Inklingo. The variations in his package are really great. Such a variety its hard to choose which one to do!
* * * * * by Barbara from Asheville, NC on 10/02/2010
I got this collection when it first came out. The pictures that were going up on the Yahoo list were so inspiring. I made a Farmer's Fancy block completely by machine!!! The sewing lines make is so easy. Inklingo is for hand and machine piecers, or you can combine both methods in one block. Linda's instructions tell you how to do everything.
* * * * * by Cathi from Toronto on 09/28/2010
This collection makes so many variations of Dresden Plates easily achievable that it's an absolute must. Making the Farmer's Delight blocks is something I absolutely would not have tackled without it. With Inklingo? It's simple as can be!
* * * * * by Charlsey from Fort Worth on 09/27/2010
Dresden plate with a flair! This block looks very difficult and one that I wasn't sure I wanted to tackle. With Inklingo it was so easy and fast. There were no templates to fumble with and my stitching was precise. A much improved method over the last plain Dresden plate I made years ago. Oh! and even better than that when I ordered, I got the FREE Dresden Plate Design Book!
* * * * * by Anneke from Rotterdam on 09/22/2010
This is one of my absolute favorite Inklingo collections, and I am not even fond of Dresden Plates!
* * * * * by Anneke from Rotterdam on 09/19/2010
This is one of my absolute favorite Inklingo collections, and I am not even fond of Dresden Plates!

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