Storm At Sea
12 inch

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* * * * * by Sharon from Rifle CO on 11/21/2012
I ordered the 12" collection on Monday and have started playing with ideas already. So many options and so much fun!!!!
* * * * * by Ronda J from Camas on 10/10/2010
I needed a 4" square and 4" HST for another quilt I'm making, and Linda's handy Catalog of Shapes allowed me to choose from a variety of patterns to get these shapes. Lo and behold, the Storm At Sea pattern has not only the above shapes I needed for my current quilt, but also the shapes that will work for a Tennessee Waltz quilt (designed by Judy Martin), which I've been planning to make for my son for over 15 years. NOW it will be a piece of cake to make with the easy printing and stitching!!! No teeny templates! YAY!
* * * * * by Colleen from Wayland, NY on 10/09/2010
With Inklingo you print the cutting lines and sewing lines right on to the fabric. What could be better than that?
* * * * * by Sue from Wytheville on 10/07/2010
This is going to be my second pattern. I only have the free star as a try for the Inklingo. But so far it is wonderful. I am using Jo Morton fabrics with the star and it is so easy to put together. Cant wait to get the Storm at Sea.
* * * * * by Lynn from Newmarket, Ontario on 10/07/2010
I purchased the 9" Storm at Sea. Have made a mini version the old fashioned way but want to do a full sized quilt w/Inklingo. Love the products and all the great info on the website. What is great is that the shapes can be used for other patterns too!!!!
* * * * * by Marcia from Crowley, TX on 10/07/2010
These directions are very clear and precise. I believe that even a novice quilter could successfully make one of these blocks.
* * * * * by Frummie from Boynton Beach on 10/07/2010
A wonderful Download. Sewing lines make everything easy. You have my five star rating *****
* * * * * by Irene O from Babenhausen on 10/07/2010
Five star rating. Sewing with Inklingo is so easy and joy-ful. It's great. :-)
* * * * * by Glenda B from Tomah on 10/06/2010
These are the best directions. I will hate to try this pattern without inklingo. Thanks.

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