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* * * * * by from Bellenberg, Deutschland on 04/12/2011
Hello Linda, ich bin begeistert von den Design-Vorschlägen und würde sie sehr gerne nacharbeiten für eine Decke für meine Mutter. Danke für die Idee. Liebe Grüße Gertrud
* * * * * by Donna Steele from California on 03/30/2011
WOW!! Awesome Design book. Such detailed information and wonderful design ideas. I will have to make several of these. Thanks Linda!!
* * * * * by Jillian from North Dakota on 03/30/2011
A breathtaking design book with an amazing number of beautiful quilt designs! Do not hesitate for a moment to get this design book. Linda's generous design books offer more than the majority of quilt books that cost US$29.95. My brain is spinning with ideas...
* * * * * by Cathi from Toronto on 03/29/2011
This is a must-have!!! Lots and lots of information, tips and layouts and -- well, the entire book is well worth going out and buying some extra special paper to print it on!!

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