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PENNY: You're an old EQ Friend from way back! We've been neighbors in side-by-side booths at many trade shows in the past. And now we're planning a contest together.

What is the contest about?

Hi, Penny! The contest is called "Love the lines. Quilt more!"

It is intended to help quilters use Electric Quilt and Inklingo together, so they can design and sew more quilts—and win prizes, of course!  

It was my idea.

Monkey thinks it was his idea, but it was really inspired by Barb Vlack's Monthly ClubEQ Challenges and by quilters who want to create unique designs they can sew easily. 

It is very similar to Barb's ClubEQ Challenges, but with prizes!

It's simple. Email me a project file (more details below). No purchase necessary. Your design could win the Grand Prize from EQ, Northcott Fabric, and Inklingo, or one of 3 runner-up prizes, AND you will receive the EQ project files for the top 25 designs!

EQ software and Inklingo shapes work beautifully together.

  • EQ has all the tools to make it easy to design beautiful, unusual settings.
  • Inklingo shapes are easy to design with in EQ because the shapes are named with the finished size.  

It is a very practical approach for designing and sewing quilts.

"Love the lines!" 

There is no sewing involved for the contest, but anything a quilter designs in EQ with Inklingo shapes is easy to cut and sew.

Ordinary Color Inkjet

Inklingo prints the shapes on fabric with any ordinary Inkjet printer, so there is a line to sew on and a line to cut on. Isn't that what we've always wanted?

Modern quilters use computers to return to our quilting roots.

  • EQ allows quilters to combine blocks in creative ways—something quilters have done for generations: innovate and create.
  • Inklingo takes us back to the olden days when quilters marked lines on fabric. It's only since the rotary cutter that quilters have cut and sewn everything without lines.

Inklingo re-invents old techniques in such an innovative way that it was granted a patent, and EQ encourages quilters to discover creative new settings for modern quilts.

"Quilt more!"

Inklingo quilters can design quilts in EQ with all kinds of shapes including many blocks that they might not consider sewing without Inklingo. They are all listed under Shop & Freebies, but maybe you would like to see a few of our favorites. . .  

Rainbow Flower    Winding Ways  Feathered Star

. . . like Rainbow Flower, Winding Ways, and Feathered Star.

The designing is easier with EQ, and the sewing is easier with Inklingo—no measuring and  every fabric shape is the perfect size with perfect straight grain. 

Alabama Beauty  Farmer's Fancy  Whirlwind

How about Alabama Beauty, Farmer's Fancy, and Whirlwind? Some of these Inklingo designs are so unusual, you might not even recognize the names.

Clamshell Pickle  Clamshell Pickle

Clamshell Pickle is so rare that it is called "Unknown Pattern" on Barbara Barackman's Material Culture blog. You can design a show-stopper in EQ in one of three sizes.

Some Inklingo designs are traditionally sewn with templates, but can now be machine pieced, like . . .

Josephs Coat

Joseph's Coat,

Orange Peel

Orange Peel,

. . .and too many more to show, like Pie & Tarts, Dresden Plate, Storm At Sea, and the Jane Austen Patchwork. That's right, all by machine. Print, Cut, Sew!

Yin Yang

Yin Yang

Some are traditionally sewn with English Paper Piecing, but can now be sewn with a running stitch, like . . .

Clamshell  Grandmother's Flower Garden  Seven Sisters

Clamshell, Grandmother's Flower Garden, Seven Sisters and of course a world-wide favorite: fussy-cut Patchwork of the Crosses (POTC). Yes, EQ7 has a fussy-cut tool, and Inklingo is great for fussy-cutting!

Patchwork of the Crosses  POTC by Joan Cumming

EQ is the best design tool for all of them! With the cutting and sewing lines printed on the fabric, Inklingo designs are wonderful for all quilters—beginner to intermediate to expert—even quilters who need or want to cut with scissors.  

Since the cutting and sewing is so much faster with Inklingo, quilters find it more exciting to design with EQ, perfecting stunning arrangements. They know that they will become gorgeous quilts, not UFOs. 

So that's the idea, Penny. The contest is an invitation to use Inklingo shapes to create designs in EQ—designs that are meant to be created in fabic.

No sewing—just designing and submitting the EQ files, but since we love the lines, we will actually quilt more of the designs.  

PENNY: Who can enter?

Easy question. Anyone!—unless you are me, Monkey, or an employee of EQ or Northcott, since they are providing the prizes.

EQ and Inklingo are used in dozens of countries all over the world. We want to include everyone.

PENNY: Do quilters have to buy anything? 

NO! Nothing to buy! No entry fee. Great prizes. (You are giving me easy questions.)

Quilters can design quilts in EQ6 or EQ7.
By the way, I know you still have an irresistible deal for quilters who want to upgrade from EQ5 so they can enter the contest. They should email customerservice@electricquilt.com or call 1-800-356-4219 (M-F, 9-5 EST) for your special upgrade price on EQ7.

Quilters do NOT need to buy Inklingo. They just need to know what shapes and sizes are available—and that is all illustrated and described in the Shop at inklingo.com.

For example, the design could NOT use a 7 inch Storm at Sea Block, but it could use 4.5, 6, 6.75, 9 or 12 inch Storm At Sea blocks. The 5 sizes are listed in the Shop and there are illustrations of the shapes.

PENNY: Can you give me an example?

Double Sunflower!

Good idea! Let's say the quilter scrolls through the Shop, and her heart flutters when she sees that there are two sizes of Sunflower available. Inklingo shapes are always named with the finished size, so it straightforward. She knows she can set up the quilt layout to use 6 or 12 inch blocks, or both.

Monkey's Tip  Quilters who visit the All About Inklingo blog have a head start, because there are several free EQ7 project files, including Sunflower!

She will probably want to look at the rest of the Sunflower info on the website for inspiration. One click and she can see all of the shapes included:

Shapes included

Now it gets even more interesting. Inklingo includes extra shapes for half and quarter Sunflower blocks and for cornerstones and sashing for great design options.

Shapes included

Plus, there is a Gallery of Quilts on the Main Sunflower Page showing ways of using both sizes together, or Double Sunflowers, or half and quarter blocks. That should blossom into great ideas.  

Gallery of Quilts Gallery of Quilts

Other than Sunflower, there is a very long list of shapes, and this approach works for all of them:

  1. Scroll through the Shop.
  2. Click for illustrations of the shapes.
  3. Open EQ—and play!

(In addition to the Shop, there is also a helpful listing of all of the shapes in the Inklingo Index of Shapes under the Support & Goodies tab.)

Shapes included

Drunkard's Path is a special case because there are 6 SIZES and a free Drunkard's Path Design Book to download with dozens of quilt designs for inspiration.

I always try to have one free design book on the site and I will keep this one on the site until the end of the contest.

MONKEY: Hey, it's a FREE book. What are you waiting for?

The Drunkard's Path Design Book. Here & Now!

MONKEY: This is my big chance.

I am the star of the video showing how to sew a Feathered Star in 80 seconds too.  (Well, the video is 80 seconds.) 

PENNY: Cool, so how does someone enter?

Quilters can enter by designing one quilt in EQ6 or EQ7 using ANY Inklingo shapes from one or more shape collections and emailing the file to me between January 1 and February 14.

Easy, eh? Use any shape collections, no purchase required.

Monkey and I will double-check each entry to make sure the shapes are used in sizes which are "inklingoable." In our example, the quilt could use 6 and 12 inch Sunflower, but not 8 inch because that is not an Inklingo size (yet).

We will also replace the names with numbers, so the judging will be anonymous.

Quilters will record some info on the notecards. Those details will all be spelled out in the rules. 

EQ MOUSE: What if a quilter wants to enter more than one design?  

MONKEY: Good thinking, little mouse! I bet that is going to happen, eh?

I agree!

Everyone will want to check the rules for details because everyone is going to want to win!

Poppy Love by Northcott 
Poppy Love by Northcott

PENNY: Are the contest rules posted anywhere?

Not yet. All the details will be published on the All About Inklingo blog before Christmas, so quilters can be ready to send in files starting on January 1. The rules are very similar to the usual ClubEQ Challenges and allow quilters to use any Inklingo shapes, any size quilt. 

23 DEC 2011 - UPDATE The rules are on the blog now!  CLICK

Monkey has some suggestions while you wait: 

Are there prizes?

PENNY: Thanks for reminding me! What are the prizes?

The prizes are great, but first let me say, this contest has been designed so everyone wins. Every quilter who submits a project file will have access to the top 25 designs!

THE GRAND PRIZE for "Love the lines! Quilt more!"

  • $500 Gift Certificate for Inklingo.
    That buys a LOT of Inklingo because prices start as low as $12 and even the biggest collection is only $50.
  • $250 Fabric Bundle of Poppy Love from Northcott 
    Gorgeous! (shown above) 
  • Deluxe Book and Software Bundle from Electric Quilt!
    Perfect for the creative quilter! 
    Karen K. Stone Book & CD, Blending Photos with Fabric book, Digital Essentials book, Quilt Design Wizard, My Dream House CD, Kaleidoscope Collection CD, Amy Butler Softwares CD, Dear Jane software, Quilting Designs Vols. 1-7 CDs,  Quilter's Newsprint Sheets, Foundation Sheets, Inkjet Fabric Sheets, and Peel & Stick Fabric Sheets!

Kaleidoscope by EQ  Karen K Stone by EQ  My Dream House by EQ 
Part of the Deluxe Bundle from EQ


$125 Gift Certificate for Inklingo
$125 Fabric Bundle from Northcott Studio (Kaleidoscope or Central Park)
Quilting Designs Vols 1-7 CDs from EQ 

More good news!

  • The winners will be chosen by Barb Vlack, our celebrity judge—so you don't have to compete against her. LOL She will not know who submitted each quilt design.
  • Everyone who submits a design will have access to the top 25 designs chosen by Barb, similar to the way Barb Vlack runs the ClubEQ monthly challenges. 
    We think that is a huge incentive to enter! Everyone wins!
  • There will be special features on the All About Inklingo blog all through January, including a guest post by Barb Vlack. The story of how she got hooked on Inklingo will inspire you too. Subscribe to the blog, so you don't miss anything good!  

Designing is going to be fun and when it is all over, it will be even better to turn the EQ project files into real quilts with Inklingo.

Kaleidoscope by Northcott Studio
Kaleidoscope by Northcott Studio

PENNY: Is there anything else?

Yes. I have some thank yous.

Barb Vlack is one of my quilting heroines, so it meant a lot to me when she agreed to be the judge for the first big Inklingo contest. She uses Inklingo herself, so she was the perfect choice. Thank you, Barb! 

I am thrilled that Northcott Fabric and Electric Quilt are involved too. We have a long association.

I have felt a connection with Northcott ever since my very first bed quilt. I used almost 10 yards of Northcott Silk white-on-white in it, and it won a First Place Ribbon in Paducah in 2000. It was a turning point in my quilting life, although Northcott did not know the role they played at the time. Many thanks to Patti Carey at Northcott.

Electric Quilt has been supportive of my publishing efforts from the early days, when the Penny McMorris, another of my quilting heroines (that's you), encouraged me to provide the optional CDs with my Quilted Diamonds books with files in EQ4 format. Books with CDs seem normal now, but in 2002, it was a first.

There's at least one more connection too! Northcott fabrics are in the EQ fabric libraries! 

Northcott, EQ, and Inklingo make a good team, don't you think? Wouldn't it be great if one of the winners used the Northcott prize fabric to make one of the EQ designs with Inklingo to enter in a show? 

Let's all love the lines and quilt more!

Thank you, Penny! 



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