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Postage Rates
US Address - $6.95 Priority Mail
I can always fit 2 books (sometimes 3) in the US flat rate Priority envelope, so you save.  
If your order of 3 or more books will not fit in the flat rate envelope, I will contact you before mailing to approve extra postage. 
I am Canadian, but we are close enough to Niagara Falls NY that we can take advantage of the US postal service to send your books.

Address Outside of the USA - April 2019

  • Canada & Mexico $$24.95 Global Priority (See note about Canada below)
  • $36.70 Global Priority 
First Class International $24.50 was available for a while but I can no longer buy the postage online from USPS. They say it is "temporary" and will be fixed but it has gone on for 3 months now, so Global Priority is the default for the time being.

  • I refund the difference whenever the actual postage is less than the amount added by the shopping cart, 

Normally, all orders are mailed from Niagara Falls NY because it costs less and the delivery is about the same. However, I look at every order individually and I mail books in Canada when it costs less.

  • At the current exchange rates (January 2019), for addresses in Ontario and Quebec, the postage and tax on ONE Patchwork of the Crosses (POTC) book works out to about $8 instead of $24.95 First Class in a white envelope, so I manually refund the difference. For addresses in other provinces, postage is slightly more. 
  • The postage for one Milllefior Quilts book is about $10 less than the amount added by the website. It varies by province. I manually refund the difference, so you pay what I pay.
  • I will update this page if the exchange rate changes significantly.  
  • 5% tax is only charged on books mailed in Canada to a Canadian address.

Single copies of these 3 books can be sent First Class within in Canada instead of Global Priority for a significant saving compared to the amount added by the shopping cart:

  • Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses (POTC)
  • Jane Austen Patchwork Mystery (JAPM)
  • Jane Austen's Writing Table Quilts (JAWTQ)

All prices are in US dollars.

Questions? linda@lindafranz.com

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