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Welcometo all quilters!

Aiming for Accuracy    Inklingo


Inklingo is a precise and simple method of sewing accurate triangles.

We love it when simpler and easier is also better!

Print, cut, and sew.

  • Cut along a line.
  • Sew along a line.
  • Use scissors or a rotary cutter.
  • Correct straight grain.
  • Sew by hand or by machine.
  • No starching!
  • No weird rulers!
  • No measuring!
  • No waste!

Easy peasy. Perfect results.

I am so convinced that you will love Inklingo that you can try it FREE.
Follow the Quick Start Guide (below) and download Diamonds, Triangles, and Squares.
You can be sure you love Inklingo before you buy anything.

Love the lines. Quilt more.


Inklingo Quick Start

Inklingo Shape Collections are big PDF files which open with Adobe Reader, so you can print pages of shapes on fabric. Fabric goes through the printer just like paper when it is ironed to freezer paper.

I draw the layouts of shapes to use fabric efficiently. You print them. It's fast and it's simple!

Printing on fabric makes everything possible, whether you are sewing hexagons, triangles, or any other design.

There are 3 simple little things that make it possible:

  1.     Test Pages
  2.     Custom Page Sizes
  3.     Layouts of Shapes


1. Test Pages

Print a test on a scrap of fabric so you can be sure the ink in your printer will wash out even after pressing. All 20 Inklingo colors probably will wash out.

It doesn’t hurt to leave ink in the quilt, but you need to test to be sure it will not bleed or show on the front.

(Illustrated on the blog)

Test Pages give you confidence.



Custom Page Sizes

2. Custom Page Sizes

Inklingo uses a feature in the software of ordinary printers which allows you to print any size to use fabric efficiently to get exactly the number of shapes you need.

Before Inklingo, I had only printed standard sizes and I did not know I could enter other sizes in the print dialog box. It's easy, but there are step-by-step instructions under the Support tab.

When you have done it once, you are an expert. You can print the shapes for anything from Grandmother's Flower Garden to New York Beauty and Feathered Star!


3. Layouts of shapes

I recommend an ordinary 8.5 inch wide printer for Inklingo, but all of the layouts are 13 x 19. This gives us many more options for printing exactly what we need without wasting fabric. Sometimes 11.75 or 12 inches is just right.

This flexibility is great for yardage or for scraps and Jelly Rolls. It also means it is easier to see how much fabric is required.

Inklingo PDFs have hundreds of pages because each layout of shapes is provided 20 times on 20 pages, each a different ink color and line weight to show on almost any fabric.

When you have the lines printed on the fabric, you can sew by hand or by machine.


Inklingo Quick Start

Most quilters are hooked on Inklingo as soon as they see their first sheet of fabric printed with Inklingo shapes, so we want you to print your first sheet now.

The lines are very fine and perfect, and the advantages are clear—it is easier to cut on a line without any measuring, and it is easier to sew with a line to follow.

Print your first shapes in the next few minutes by following these steps. (You might want to print this page.)

PRINTER FRIENDLY version of this page

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1. Add to cart.

Order at least two free items from the Getting Started page (under the SHOP tab)
    • the FREE Inklingo Shape collection, $20 value, free
    • the Guided Tour (PDF)

Free Shape Collection  Monkey's Guided Tour  Tilde's Tiny Totes

While you are shopping for the free collection, consider the free patterns too. Tilde's Tiny Totes pattern is perfect for Inklingo beginners and it uses the free shape collection.

Why do I have to place an order before I download?
Free downloads have the same copy protection as the others, so when you decide to pay for an Inklingo download there are no surprises. This free offer is an incentive to learn how to download. You are only asked for your address and password, and nothing is ever shared. (There is a link to the privacy policy at the bottom of every page.) When you discover the benefits of Inklingo as a quilting tool, we know you'll be back.


2. Check out.

Even though these items are free, it is a normal checkout procedure (add to cart, checkout at top right of window), except that you don't have to enter credit card info.

The checkout procedure sets up your account and password. You receive a receipt by e-mail, just as if you were buying something.

Your privacy is protected.   Your e-mail address, name, and address will not be misused or result in spam. (See the link to the Privacy Policy at the bottom of every page on this site.)


3. Download and activate.

It is as easy as can be. There are step-by-step instructions under the SUPPORT tab. (That's where Monkey 'hides' good stuff.)

The most common booboo is trying to open with Mac Preview or another PDF viewer. Inklingo requires Adobe Reader (free software).


4. Open the Bookmarks and look around.

The very first thing you should do EVERY time you open an Inklingo shape collection is open the Bookmarks panel on the left side of the Adobe Reader window. Every time!

Explore the free shape collection and take the Guided Tour to become familiar with the way the shapes are organized.

Many quilters do not take full advantage of the cool navigation tools in Adobe Reader, but the Guided Tour explains Bookmarks and more. There is also a two minute video on the Getting Started Page (under the SHOP tab).

One of the side effects of Inklingo is that you will learn some nifty stuff about using your computer for other things too.


5. Iron freezer paper to fabric and print some shapes.

Just a suggestion: Print page 301 (page 263 in first version) on the wrong side of a scrap of light/medium fabric 8.5 x 11. Make sure Page Scaling is set to "none" in the print dialog box, so the shapes print the right size. (It will be printed like the yellow fabric at the top of this page.)

If you have never printed on fabric before, I recommend that you review the first chapter of The Inklingo Handbook. It is included in the free collection on pages H5-H48. Chapter 1 includes everything you need to know about printing on fabric.

As long as there is a firm bond between the fabric and the freezer paper, jams are rare. (Always wash fabric first to remove the sizing. Otherwise, the freezer paper is not likely to stick well enough.)

In a nutshell: Use a hot, dry iron (no steam) and press on the paper side and the fabric side. The tips in Chapter 1 are great.


6. Admire the shapes!

When you see those precise diamonds, triangles, and squares coming out of your Inkjet printer, we think you will want to print another sheet of fabric right away in a contrasting fabric, so you can mix the shapes to sew two mirror image LeMoyne Star blocks for Tilde's Tiny Totes.


Click to play.


Next Steps

Now that you have seen how simple it is to print on fabric, you are ready for more.

My "Top Ten Tutes" are on the All About Inklingo blog, including:

•  How to Print Custom Page Sizes to make the best use of your fabric
•  How to test Inkljet ink on fabric and choose the right ink color
•  The Inklingo Quiz (just for fun)
•  Review the free Triangle Tips for sewing Flying Geese, Half Square Triangles, Quarter Square Triangles, and more.

You have become an Inklingoist. 

You can choose shapes for your first Inklingo project from the Index of Shapes or the Shop or the Smart Shopper's Idea Book. Let the fun begin!


All About Inklingo

I hope you will subscribe to the All About Inklingo blog, and that you will enjoy using Inklingo.  If you have any questions or suggestions, please write to me.

Mail to Linda


Inklingo Yahoo
Please join the Inklingo Yahoo group

It is a friendly place where quilters discuss how they are using Inklingo and share photos of their Inklingo projects.  You can ask questions and get answers, either from me or other Inklingo quilters.



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